UH-HGS Sheriff Lecture Student Poster Competition - University of Houston
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UH-HGS Sheriff Lecture Student Poster Competition

UH-HGS Sheriff Lecture Student Poster Competition
Houston, Texas
Nov. 16, 2015
For information visit http://www.geosc.uh.edu/news-events/sheriff-lecture/index.php

Author(s) Title
Luis Carlos Carvajal San Andres Rift, Nicaraguan Shelf: a 346-km-long, North-South Rift Zone Actively Extending the Interior of the "Stable" Caribbean Plate
Chen Qi Coal Beds and Stratigraphic Filtering
Riddhi Dave Seismic Evidence for Erosion of the Wyoming Cratonic Lithosphere
Yuribia Munoz Local controls on sediment accumulation and sediment distribution in a fjord in the west Antarctic Peninsula, implications for paleoenvironmental interpretations
Andy Liu Tectonics of the mid-Cretaceous intraplate volcanims from the northern Gulf of Mexico to northwestern Canada
Linqiang Yang Comparisons of Ground-Based and Building-Based CORS: A Case Study in the Region of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Joan Marie Blanco Fault Systems Deforming Oligocene-Miocene Reservoirs of La Vela Bay, Western Venezuela, Mapped Using 3D Seismic Data
Jiannan Wang Inferring marine sediment type using chirp sonar data: Atlantis Field Gulf of Mexico
Naila Dowla Compilation of the deep crustal structure of the central Atlantic conjugate margins to test pure shear versus simple shear rifting mechanisms
Matt Canon Gulf of Mexico subsidence history: No correlation to dynamic topography
Xuan Qin Seismic characters of pore poressure due ot smectite-to-illite transition
Elita de Abreau The use of spectral decomposition volumes on multi attribute analysis to improve petrophsical properties prediction: A case study at the Eromanga Basin - Onshore Australia
Zhili Wei Traveltime join inversion for earthquake location and velocity structure in Southern California area
Kurt Sundell Testing geodynamic model sofr surface uplift of the central Andean plateau through volcanic glass paleoaltimetry and basin analysis in southern Peru
Azie Aziz 3D GPR characterization of sandy mouth-bars in an outcrop reservoir analog: Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, southeastern Utah USA
Long Huang Elastic properties of 3D-printed physical models
Luchen Li Understanding the Mantle Wedge --- An Interpretation of result using Kirchhoff Migration to image reflectors above Tonga Slab
Pan Deng Weighted stacking of seismic AVO data using hybrid AB semblance and local similarity
Dustin Villareal Assessing Pre-Cenozoic shortening of the eastern Pamir
Pongthep Thongsang Finite Different Viscoelsastic Modeling (FDVM) with Multiplies and Demultiples Utilizing Deformbale-Layer Tomography (DLT) for Inversing Rock Properties in Laminated Reservoir
Patrick Loureiro Controls of asymmetrical opening on sag basins of South Atlantic conjugate margins: Margin characterization from gravity transects and mapping using grids of seismic reflection data
Pin Lin Predicted fault kinematics of Jurassic faults related to th eopening of the southeastern Gulf of Mexico
Yuan Tin Fault zone seismic reflection imaging using earthquake waveforms and seismic interferometry
Crystal Saadeh Pliocene onset of eccentricity cycles of the Zhada Basin, southwestern Tibetan Plateau
Mike Bond Assessing the hydrocarbon potential of the Eagle Ford in Fayette County, Texas using the LogR
Lourdes Milano Tectonic and geological history of the Espino rift in Central Venezuela
Shenelle Gomez Using 2D gravity modeling to characterize the structure and lithologic composition of the Tobago-Barbados Ridge, Lesser Antilles subduction margin
Josh Flores Where does the Mariana backarc spreading center trespass on the forearc?
Anna Krylova Modeling and computational study of the impact of the non-linearity flow in the fractured porous media
Zhonghan Liu Direct waveform inversion
Zachary Martindale Comparison of rift and passive margins stages of the East Africa-Madagascar conjugate margins and their impact on heat flow and source rock maturation
Lucia Torrado Late Cretaceous to Recent Paleogeography and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Nicaraguan Rise tied to Plate Reconstructions
Wenyuan Zhang Thermal history and provenances of the Drummond Basin, Queensland from (U-Th)/He and U/Pb data
Yukai Wo Near-surface velocity estimation in mountainous area
Jiaxuan Li Inversion for anisotropy using moment tensors from the CMT catalog
Derek Scott Characterization of the South Gabon Basin passive-margin fold and thrust belt from 2D seismic interpretation
Helena Manuel X-Ray Facies Analysis of Marine Sediment Cores Collected Near Retreating and Advancing Glaciers from Western Antarctica Peninsula
David Lankford-Bravo Understanding basement structure from the Perdido to the Mexican Ridges
Sabrina Martinez Effect of sea level change on the extent of the shorelines of the Caribbean up to and during the height of the Last Glacial Maximum (26.5 Ka)
Jordan Dickinson Structural interpretation of a 954-km-long mega-regional, dip seismic line extending from Greenville, Texas to Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico
Callum Byers Tectonic geomorphology of large normal faults bounding the Cusco rift basin within the southern Peruvian Andes
Andrew Steier Evaluation of Previously Published Kinematic Plate Models for the Opening of the South Atlantic Ocean using a GIS  Compilation of Geologic and Geophysical Information
Seckin Polat Characterization of Karstic Petroleum Traps with Seismic Imaging