Annual Sheriff Lecture - University of Houston
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Annual Sheriff Lecture

Annual Sheriff Lecture
Houston, TX - Nov. 7, 2016
Details: 2016 HGS Sheriff Lecture - The Second Half of Plate Tectonics | Houston Geological Society
EAS Sheriff Meeting Posters
Authors  Poster/Presentation
John Suppe* The Seconf Half of Plate Tectonics: Finding the last ~200Ma of subducted lithosphere and incorporating it into plate reconstruction
Jingjing Zong** Elastic properties of rock salt on Earth
Anna Krylova** A Seismic reflection from isotropic fluid-saturated fractured layer
Xin Zhou** Delineating Beach and Dune Morphology from Massive Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using the Generic Mapping Tools
Kirstie Haynie** Tectonic Drivers of the Wrangell Block Forearc sliver: Insights from 3D Geodynamic Models
Lin Xiong** Anti-aliasing filters for deriving high-accuracy DEMs from TLS data: a case study from Freeport, Texas
Lian Jiang** Generalized modulus research for Hydrocarbon detection
Elmira Chabyshova** Seismic reflectivity in porous permeable fluid-saturated thin layered media 
Lily Schaffer** New melting models for water provide simple explanation for low seismic velocity in mantle
Wanda Crupa** Active Tectonic Deformation of Western Indian Plate Boundary: Example from Chaman Fault System
Mohammad Almatrod*** Mesozoic to Recent, regional tectonic controls on subsidence patterns in the Gulf of Mexico basin
Carolina Ramon-Duenas** Stratigraphic reanalysis of Lower Cretaceous clinoforms in the Alaskan North Slope: slopes, geometries, and clinoform volumes
Lucia Torrado** Seismic characterization of Cretaceous to Recent mass transport complexes in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil: Implications for future hydrocarbon exploration
Jiaxuan Li** Strong In Situ Anisotropy in Subducting Slabs Revealed by Deep-earthquake Radiation Patterns
Delaney Robinson** "Micromorphologic Analysis for Till Differentiation in the Ross Sea,
Karissa Pepin*** Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocities in Alaska from Ambient Noise Tomography
Pongthep Thongsang** The Application of Utilizing Wave-Diffracted Oscillation 
John Neese** Electromagnetic Tunnel Detection using a 3D Magnetic Dipole Source
Yuribia Munoz** Seafloor geomorphology of Antarctic Peninsula fjords: a signature of ice flow behavior
Luis Carvajal** Insights of Seaward dipping reflectors and its implications for the deposition of Cretaceous rocks in the Western Caribbean Sea
Rasheed Ajala*** Predicted versus observed topographic features related to loading of the Niger and Amazon deltas based on gravity and flexural modeling
Sharif Morshed** Stress-dependent rock physics model for multiphase media
Pin Lin** Along-strike, structural-volcanic variations of fossil, late Jurassic, southeastern Gulf of Mexico spreading ridge explained by plate reconstruction of Florida and Yucatan continental blocks
Lei Sun** Fracture Characterization on Virtual Outcrop Model of Mississippian Boone Formation
Jingqiu Huang** Slip Rates of Chaman Fault System, Pakistan
Sabrina Martinez*** Calculation of Regional Geomorphic Indices to Constrain the Mechanisms of Tectonic Uplift and Active Deformation of the Island of Puerto Rico
Evans Onyango*** Application of Spaceborne, Airborne and Ground-based Hyperspectral imaging to detect CH4
Yang Wang** Dynamic Young's moduli and Poisson's ratios for VTI medium
Yipeng Li** The metamorphic P-T-t path of Pamir Muztaghata dome
Yuan Tian** Topography-coupled resonance between Mars normal-modes and the tidal force of the Phobos
Andy Liu** Post-breakup Magmatism in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Jessica Chew** Studying P-wave reflections to observe inner core anisotropy
Kenneth Lambert*** "Thermal and exhumation history of the Uncompahgre Uplift using zircon (U-Th)/He"
Yi-Wei Chen** Seismic tomographic constraints on plate-tectonic reconstruction of Nazca subduction under South America since late Cretaceous (∼80 Ma) 
Kivanc Biber** Quantitative characterization of a naturally fractured reservoir analog using a hybrid lidar-gigapixel imaging approach
Lili Zhang*** 'Using contrasting well subsidence histories from conjugate margins of Brazil and Angola as a test of symmetrical vs. asymmetrical rifting, upper and lower plate margins, and later basin inversion events
Suoya Fan** Late Mesozoic Suturing and Crustal Shortening between the Central and Northern Lhasa Terranes, South Tibet
David Lankford-Bravo*** Location of the continent-ocean boundary “step-up fault” and its influence on passive margin fold belts of the western Gulf of Mexico
Dustin Vilarreal** Assessing pre-Cenozoic shortening in the South Pamir
Luchen Li** Understanding slab-mantle interaction by 3D seismic imaging of reflectivity in the mantle wedge 
Andrew Steier** Characterization of the Oxfordian sandstone of the Northern Yucatan and its relation to the Norphlet sandstone of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico through seismic mapping
Eric Lunn** Barreirinhas and Ceara Basins of Northern Equatorial Brazil: Upper and Lower Plate Transition Theory Over The Romanche Fracture Zone - A Seismic Study To Determine Structure, Stratigraphy, and Petroleum Potential
Kurt Sundell** Paleoenvironmental change in the Peruvian central Andes recorded by stable isotopes in volcanic glass and modern water: Implications for late Miocene uplift and aridification
Marie Kouassi*** Regional Comparison of Detrital Zircon populations in pre-rift Carboniferous  and syn-rift Jurassic rocks from the Northern Gulf of Mexico to Northern South America
Macey Crockett*** A Comparative Hyperspectral Study of Hydrocarbon Seepages Near Uvalde, Texas
Seckin Polat** Numerical Modelling for Void Detection by Using Seismic Imaging