SEG Annual Meeting - University of Houston
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SEG Annual Meeting 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct. 18 - 23, 2015
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Presentations with UH EAS faculty/students as (Co-)Authors

Author(s) Title
Fang Yuan**, Hua-wei Zhou*, Zhaobo Meng, Bin Gong, Feng Qiao Multi-scale reflection layer tomography to estimate base-salt geometry
Zhonghan Liu, Yingcai Zheng* Direct waveform inversion
Yu Zhang, Ping Ping, Pan Deng**, Hua-wei Zhou*, Shuangxi Zhang A free surface formulaiton for finite difference modeling of surface waves in porous media
Ba Jing**, Jiali Ren**, Xuan Qin** Inversion of reservoir properties: Quantitative hydrocarbon seismic identification in tight carbonate reservoirs
Jie Yao**, Anne-Cecile Lesage, Fazle Hussain, Donald J. Kouri** One dimensional acoustic reflection data inversion based on Distorted Born Iterative Method
De-hua Han*, Min Sun** Experimental research on velocity and density properties of heavy oil mixed with hydrocarbon solvent
Zhao Li**, Donald J. Kouri**, Evgeny M. Chesnokov* Time-domain solution of poroelastic wave equation with dynamic permeability
Baoqing Zhang, Huawei Zhou*, Zaiyu Ding, Ran Li, Zhaoquan He, Jiayu Wu Integrated processing techniques to low signal-to-noise ratio OBC dual-sensor seismic data
Kefei Lu**, Evgeny M. Chesnokov* Determination of the angle of cutting samples and C13 for VTI rocks
Jing Wu, Arthur B. Weglein* Preprocessing in the PS space for on-shore seismic processing: removing ground roll and ghosts without damaging the reflection data
Jingjing Zong**, Robert R. Stewart*, Nikolay Dyaur*, Michael T. Myers** Elastic properties of rock salt: Lab measurements and well log analysis in the Gulf of Mexico
Pan Deng**, Xinwu Huang, Yangkang Chen, Wei Huang**, Yu Zhang**, Hua-Wei Zhou* Stacking seismic AVO data using AB semblance and local similarity
Jing Wu, Arthur B. Weglein* Preprocessing in displacement space for on-shore seismic processing: removing ground roll and ghosts without damaging the reflection data
Arthur B. Weglein* Multiple removal: open issues, pressing challenges and recent progress towards providing the next and higher level of required capability
Jinlong Yang, Arthur B. Weglein * A first comparison of the inverse scattering series non-linear inversion and the iterative linear inversion for parameter estimation
Long Huang**, Nikolay Dyaur*, Robert R. Stewart* Elastic properties of 3D-printed physical models: Fluid substitution observations in cracked media
Jinlong Yang, Arthur B. Weglein* Accommodating the source wavelet and radiation pattern in the internal multiple attenuation algorithm: Theory and initial example that demonstrates impact
Hui Li**, De-hua Han*, Min Sun*, Luanxiao Zhao The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Bitumen Saturated Carbonate
Eray Kocel**, Robert R. Stewart*, Paul Mann*, Jiannan Wang**, Li Chang** Integrated geophysical investigation of the 2010 Haiti earthquake
Arthur B. Weglein* A direct inverse solution for AVO/FWI parameter estimation objectives
Hao Hu, Yike Liu, Xuejian Liu, Huiyi Lu, Yingcai Zheng* Least-squares Gaussian beam migration
Hemin Yuan**, De-hua Han*, and Weimin Zhang** The effect of pressure and temperature on bitumen saturated carbonate
Hui Li**, De-hua Han*, Min Sun*, Luanxiao Zhao Direct laboratory measurement on solid and fluid in heavy oil sands rock and its rock physics interpretation
Xinglu Lin, Arthur B. Weglein* The significance of incorporating a 3-D point source in the inverse scattering series internal multiple attenuator for a 1-D subsurface
E. Emrah Pacal, R. Robert Stewart*, Edip Baysal, Orhan Yilmaz Seismic Imaging with Ocean-Bottom Nodes (OBN): Mirror Migration Technique
Azie A. Aziz**, Robert R. Stewart*, Mohammad S. Ullah**, Janok P. Bhattacharya* 3D GPR characterization of sandy mouth bars in an outcrop reservoir analog: Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, south-east Utah
Jiannan Wang**, Robert Stewart* Inferring marine sediment type using chirp sonar data: Atlantis field, Gulf of Mexico
Chen Qi** Removal of coal bed multiples
Arthur B. Weglein* Multiples can be useful (at times) to enhance imaging, by providing an approximate image of an unrecorded primary, but its always primaries that are migrated or imaged
Yanglei Zou, Arthur B. Weglein* An internal-multiple elimination algorithm for all first-order internal multiples for a 1D earth
Chao Ma, Arthur B. Weglein* A new Inverse Scattering Series (ISS) internal-multiple-attenuation algorithm that predicts the accurate time and approximate amplitude of the first-order internal multiples and addresses spurious events: Analysis and Tests in 2D
Irina Privalova**, Gennady Goloshubin*, Pavel Rusakov**, Yuriy Tcimbaluk Low-frequency amplitude analysis for oil detection considering the reservoir thickness variations
Pavel Rusakov**, Gennady Goloshubin*, Irina Privalova**, Yuriy Tcimbaluk Permeability prognosis within middle Jurassic sediments in the southern part of Western Siberia
Xinding Fang, Yingcai Zheng*, Michael C. Fehler Fracture clustering effect on AVOAZ analysis
Yike Liu, Hao Hu, Xiao-Bi Xie, Yingcai Zheng* Reverse time migration of internal multiples