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Conference Room Reservations

Please contact for any questions regarding conference room reservations.

Room Seating Resources Priority Reservation

PGH 218D

Conference Room

8-10 Projector (connect via HDMI), mobile screen cast, whiteboards.

This is a shared conference room between COSC and MATH. Students and student organizations cannot reserve this room.

Reservable COSC faculty and staff on the following days:

Wednesdays (mornings)

All COSC faculty and staff have swipe card access to this room.


PGH 392

Conference Room


10 Reservable by COSC faculty and staff. TBD

PGH 501B

Conference Room

12 Projector, HDMI switch, whiteboard.

Reservable by COSC faculty and staff.


PGH 516

Conference Room

6-8 TV monitor (connect via HDMI), whiteboard, phone.

Priority use by COSC faculty and staff.

Computer science students and computer science-affiliated student organizations can also use if available.

This is an open use conference room. Reservations taken no earlier than 1 business day in advance to

PGH 550

Conference Room

24 Desktop computer, projector (connect via VGA or HDMI), whiteboard

Priority reservation for COSC faculty and staff.

Student organizations cannot reserve this room, except computer science-affiliated student organizations such as CougarCS and CSGirls.