Biology and Biochemistry Seminar - University of Houston
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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2021 Seminars

Unless otherwise announced, seminars will be held at the Houston Science Center (HSC) Room 102 at 4:00pm or/and streamed (links to be announced).

09/29 Dr. Brigitte Dauwalder The ideal fly mate: Brains and much more - neuromodulation and the blood brain barrier Dr. Sater
10/06 Dr. Joseph Veldman ARelevance of the old-growth grassland concept to biodiversity conservation and restoration Dr. Pennings
10/13 Dr. Jeffrey Rogers Recent Advances in Comparative Primate Genomics: Evolutionary and Biomedical Applications Dr. Meisel
10/20 Dr. Zhi-ming Zheng DNA Viruses inhibit host antiviral RNA granules and innate immunity Dr. Zhang
10/27 Dr. Seyed Moghaddam TBD Dr. Bawa
11/03 No Seminar
11/10 No Seminar
11/17 Dr. Brian Baker TBD Dr. Antunes
12/01 Dr. Sanghyuk Chung TBD Dr. Sater
12/08 Dr. Francis Tsai Determining the Structure of Molecular Chaperones and Stress Proteins using Hybrid Methods Dr. Wang