Biology and Biochemistry Seminar - University of Houston
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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2023 Seminars

Unless otherwise announced, seminars will be held at the Houston Science Center (HSC) Room 102 at 4:00pm or/and streamed (links to be announced).

08/30  Rugang Zhang Epigenetic approaches to epithelial ovarian cancer Weiyi Peng
09/06  Yuhong Wang Single Molecule FRET Study on Ribosome Translocation Ricardo Azevedo
09/13  Timothy Linksvayer The genetic basis and evolution of social complexity in ants and spiders Dan Graur
09/20  TBA TBD
09/27  Akhilesh Mishra A Physico-chemical and Structural Characterization Of Genomes and its Application in Renal Cell Carcinoma Quentin Vicens
10/04  Seema Khurana TBD Brigitte Dauwalder
10/11  Adam Stuckert TBD Amy Sater
10/18  Heithem El-Hodiri Early Activation of Glia in Retinal Regeneration Amy Sater
10/26  Antonio Eusebio Lazcano
 Araujo Reyes
Prebiotic chemistry and the origin of life: the legacy of John Oro Amy Sater
11/01  Jeff Sekelsky Preventing, Promoting, and Positioning Crossovers Erin Kelleher
11/08  Alex Wong TBD Richard Meisel
11/15  Kristopher Brannan Mapping and programming RNAprotein interactions to build RNA therapeutics Quentin Vicens
11/29  Kattia Palacio-Lopez TBD Kerri Cawford
12/06  Ernesto Lima TBD Dinler Antunes
12/13  Heidi Appel TBD Steven Pennings