Biology and Biochemistry Seminar - University of Houston
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Seminar Schedule

Spring 2024 Seminars

Unless otherwise announced, seminars will be held at the Houston Science Center (HSC) Room 102 at 4:00pm or/and streamed (links to be announced).

02/07  Steven Brady Molly Albecker
02/14  Arne Lekven Brigitte Dauwalder
02/21  Leonie C. Moyle Colorful Evolution: Macro- and micro- evolutionary adventures in wild tomatoes and their genomes. Ricardo Azevedo
02/28  Steven Norris Madhan Tirumalai
03/06  Houda Alachkar Dinler Antunes
03/20  Giri Athrey Richard Meisel
03/27  Colin N. Haile Medication development of an anit-fentanyl vaccine for opioid use disorder and overdose. Jokubas Ziburkus
04/03  Luke Flory Kerri Crawford
04/10  Jack Schultz A story of insects, stem cells, and reprogrammed plant development. Brigitte Dauwalder
04/17  Evan McRae Quentin Vicens