Biology and Biochemistry Seminar - University of Houston
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Seminar Schedule

Spring 2022 Seminars

Unless otherwise announced, seminars will be held at the Houston Science Center (HSC) Room 102 at 4:00pm or/and streamed (links to be announced).

02/16 Dr. Abdul Latif Frankincense's tree genomics and molecular defense responses to wound-induced tapping Dr. Crawford
03/02 Dr. Llewellyn Green Transposable Elements, Stress, and can they be implicated in Copper Tolerance in European Drosophila? Dr. Kelleher
03/09 Dr. Emily Beverly TBD Dr. Dauwalder
03/30 Dr. Mehmet Sen TBD Dr. Sater
04/06 Dr. Zhiping Weng TBD Dr. Antunes
04/13 Dr. Brandon Cooper TBD Dr. Kellerher
04/20 Dr. Sanghyuk Chung TBD Dr. Sater
04/27 Dr. Luis Zaman TBD Dr. Azevedo
05/04 Dr. Lauren Guess TBD Dr. Meisel
05/11 Dr. David Calderwood TBD Dr. Sen