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Sending Mail

In the event of class disruption, you will be able to send announcements to your students via email from your UH email address, using the procedure that you normally use for sending email. The only piece of information that you need in order to use the class mailing list system is the email address for each of your lists.

The email addresses for the lists are created using a standard format, based on the course ID and section number of the class, as follows:

(Course-ID)-(section number)


If you teach Accounting 1331, section 1234, you would use this address to send email to your students in this section:

For Biology 1300, section 12345, the list address would be:

(Note that some section numbers are now four digits, and others are five digits. These must be entered exactly.)

The list addresses are not case sensitive.

Classes with more than one section will have a separate email address for each section. (If you are teaching multiple classes, or multiple sections of the same class, you may find it convenient to use your regular email software to create a distribution list that has the multiple class section addresses stored in it. This allows you to send messages to all of your lists using one address.)

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