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Disaster Recovery FAQ

Why use this Listserv and not my regular email?

Students are added to this Listserv continually as they add and drop their courses. You do not have to keep up with student email addresses, or know who is in your class. In case of an emergency, sending email to your list will distribute needed information for your students to have quickly.

Can I use this Listserv during a regular semester?

It is best not to use this Listserv until there is an emergency situation and you need to contact your students due to the University not being accessible. You might want to practice using this with your students early each semester just so they know it is available, but you do not want to regularly use it.

How will my students learn about this Listserv?

Students need to be informed by you, the instructor, that the Listserv will be used in case the University closes due to an emergency situation, and that the messages will be sent to their UH email address. This information should go into your syllabus.

If students drop or add my class do I have to add/drop them from the Listserv list?

No, this is done from a nightly feed taken from the registrar. This is done until the 25th day of class each semester.

If I send emails to my students, will the Listserv retain these emails semester to semester?

No, the system will be purged at the end of each semester. If you have any emails you need to save, be sure to do so on your own.

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