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UIT Organization

Dennis Fouty, Ph.D.Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Headed by Dennis Fouty, Ph.D.



Enterprise Systems

Headed by Keith Martin, Enterprise Systems (ES) designs and maintains all administrative software, including the Voice Information Processing system and the software systems that manage the university's student records.

IT Security


Headed by Mary Dickerson, Chief Information Security Officer, UIT Security develops security best practices, coordinates security issues, conducts investigations, reports, and works with UIT and other departments to minimize security risks and assure compliance with security policies and procedures.

Technology Services & Support


Headed by David W. Johnson, Technology Services & Support (TSS) provides technology solutions to the campus through desktop computing support, academic technologies such as classrooms and digital media services, web and communications technologies, network and telephone operations and the Technology Partners Program.

High Performance Computing


Headed by Keith Crabb, High Performance Computing (HPC) offers system management services and other technical systems support to customers of the University of Houston Research Computing Center (RCC), a data center facility dedicated to serving researchers who have intensive computational tasks.