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Mailing List Options

List Name
What the list will be called. UIT recommends 20 characters or less.
Example: UH-ITNEWS
Short Description
Please supply a one-line description of the list, which can be up to 45 characters in length. When someone issues a LIST command to LISTSERV to find out what lists are available, this one line description is returned, along with the list name.
Example: UH-ITNEWS would be: "News from UH Information Technology."
Long Description
Please supply a multi-line, more complete description of the list. When someone issues a REVIEW command for your list, LISTSERV sends this description, along with other basic information about the list.
Example: UH-ITNEWS would be: "A distribution list for news items from the University of Houston's Information Technology (IT) department. The news items are prepared and posted by UH IT Information Services."
List Owner
Name of the person(s) responsible for maintaining the list.
Public: Anyone can subscribe without action by the list owner.
Private: The list owner will subscribe people to the list.
Public: Anyone can post messages to the list. (The list is more vulnerable to spamming with this setting. Select this option only if the list really needs to be open for public posting.)
Private: Only list subscribers can post messages to the list.
Listserv Archives
When the Listserv archive feature is turned on all correspondence is saved and available for retrieval.
WWW Archives
When the WWW archive feature is turned on, archives are available via the WWW at Please note that your list must be public access and not confidential.
Global List of Listservs
When the option to include in the Global List is on, your listserv will be known to all listservs in the world. When it is off, only people at UH will be able to know about it.

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