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Disaster Recovery

University Information Technology has worked with the departments of Education Innovation and Technology to provide faculty with a plan of continuity for course delivery in the event of an emergency prohibiting faculty and students from on-campus classroom accessibility.

Using Canvas to provide material and communicate with your students is the preferred practice. Canvas can provide all the tools necessary for complete classroom activity. However, if a faculty member chooses not to use Canvas, an alternative would be the Class Listserv.

How It Works

A Listserv mailing list has been created for each class being offered by the University of Houston Central Campus. The purpose of these lists is to provide an alternative method (other than Canvas) for instructors to communicate changes in the syllabus, calendar, and course content to their students in the event of an interruption of class time due to emergency circumstances.

Students are automatically subscribed to mailing lists for class sections in which they are enrolled. This system depends upon students having provided UH with a working email address. For more information about this, please see Student Subscriptions to the Class Mailing Lists.

Contact Us

Email: ecomm@uh.edu