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Honors College courses are smaller than regular courses, ranging in size from 15–35 students per class. Students in these courses will typically examine a topic through the critical reading of texts, active participation in seminar discussion and multiple-draft paper writing. Honors College students are not asked to take more coursework than regular students; instead, these students fulfill many of their degree requirements through enrollment in Honors courses.

Students who join Honors in mid-career can meet the College's requirements by meeting with an Honors advisor to tailor a program of study that fits the individual student's needs and interests. Available options include completing one of three Honors minors or pursuing an Honors thesis in the student's major field of study. Students can also complete an Honors curriculum in one of the College's affiliated programs, such as the Bauer Honors Program or the Honors Engineering Program (HEP).

The Honors Coursebook

Each fall and spring semester, the Honors College publishes the Honors Coursebook, a compilation of Honors-designated and Honors-recommended courses. Honors College students use the Honors Coursebook in conjunction with the University's online course listing to create their class schedules each semester.

You can download a copy of the entire coursebook, specific sections or previous coursebooks from the coursebooks page.

Petitioning a Course for Honors Credit

Students pursuing upper-level coursework can petition up to two courses per semester to earn Honors credit. An Honors Credit Petition is an agreement between the student and the professor regarding a project and/or presentation that will deepen and enhance the student's work in the chosen course. While almost any course can be petitioned for Honors credit, the College encourages students to work with professors in the student's primary discipline. Students should submit completed Honors Credit Petitions to the Honors College student services office within the first three weeks of the semester. Two weeks prior to the end of the semester, the Honors College will contact the instructor to verify that the coursework and the special project have been completed. An Honors designation will then appear next to the course on the student's transcript.