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Phronêsis is the ancient Greek word for prudence, or practical wisdom. Aristotle identified it as the distinctive characteristic of political leaders and citizens in adjudicating the ethical and political issues that affect their individual good and the common good.

Phronêsis is an Honors program in politics and ethics that aims to cultivate practical intelligence. Students in this program develop their capacities to engage difficult moral and political issues confronting our world today.

Building on the Honors College’s signature course, The Human Situation, the curriculum of Phronêsis introduces students to major works in ethics, political theory and classical literature. In their courses, students discuss fundamental questions and problems of political and moral concern from a wide range of perspectives. Students who choose the Phronêsis minor become active in a program with a strong community fostered by interdisciplinary faculty in political science, philosophy, and classical studies.

Phronêsis expands the career options of all the students in the program, who go on to pursue graduate study, congressional positions, human rights work, the study of constitutional and international law and much more.


Group of Phronêsis minor students and alumna at an event on October 18, 2019