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Now, more than ever, we need healing through strong communities. We know our CHW friends and colleagues will come through stronger and leading the way to better recovery in the months that come. This past year CHW and student teams came through to respond to the needs COVID-19 caused or worsened in our communities. Read more by clicking the links below.

Trust and Learn

CHEF (Community Health Education Fellowship) 

Responsive Resourcing





About the UH Community Health Workers Initiative

The healthcare system has run into a wall of mistrust. Community Health Workers (CHWs) - folks from the community who help with preventive and community health - can create more trust, but have only been provided with limited support to create that trust. 

We believe a new and larger role for CHW's can provide transformative social and health outcomes for the community by building, sustaining, and deserving trust.  A new role for academic experts means that responsive engagement replaces top-down directions and that the experts can help support and celebrate the creativity in the community. An expanded role for faith-based partnerships means that better health can be tied to the mental, physical, and spiritual health of every individual and the community as a whole. A new strategy for sustaining the business model through long-term outcomes-based payments means that CHWs can work for good pay as health advocates.

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