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Frontier Fiesta is one of the oldest traditions at the University of Houston. The Frontier Fiesta Association aims to bring to life a western themed city. Partnered with registered student organizations and university departments, Frontier Fiesta Association brings to life a three-day western themed city featuring music, a cook-off competition, and a variety of entertainment shows for the university and Houston community to enjoy. Created and run by students Frontier Fiesta is free and open to the public allowing us to serve over 30,000 University of Houston students, alumni, and community visitors annually every March. This year’s event will be held on March 25-27th 2021.

For more information contact our Director of Development, Betsy Acosta at 713-382-6070.

Development Packet Coming Soon

In the 1940’s an incredible event began at the University of Houston. Students, campus organizations, and community businesses gathered their expertise and talents to build an event that attracted as many as 100,000 people to the UH campus.

Over seventy years after the festival began, the University of Houston continues to invite the community to join in the celebration. Frontier Fiesta showcases everything that makes the University of Houston important to Texans — talented and diverse students, dedicated, world-renowned faculty, and support for higher education in Texas. Last year’s Frontier Fiesta attracted roughly 25,000 people, and this year promises continued growth and excitement!

Frontier Fiesta 2021 will be held March 25-27th 2021 at the University of Houston in a location TBD. Events include live music, Broadway-style variety shows, carnival booths and rides, a Family Fun Day, a cook-off, and a scholarship competition. This year we plan to offer scholarships to University of Houston current students for Fall 2021 and incoming Freshman.

Each scholarship is a $1000 one-time award. Scholarship recipients will be notified via email. Recipients will receive the scholarship pending course registration for Fall 2021.