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Variety Shows

A Variety Show is only one of many ways students can be engaged in Frontier Fiesta. Student organizations compete with one another in two major areas, the creation and performance of a Broadway-style show, and the construction and decoration of a large wooden front (15’ tall x 40’ wide). The Broadway-style show should be unique and original, and can pull from pop culture references including movies and television shows. This year’s variety shows theme is "Frontier Fiesta, The Happiest Place on Earth!".


$2,500 – Per Show (* Includes tent, chairs, stage, sound and lighting)
$900 – Refundable Security Deposit
$3,400 – TOTAL

  • Activities Funding Board may refund up to $3,000 spent on Frontier Fiesta related purchases per organization.
  • Activities Funding Board (AFB) can pay for your site cost of $2,500 directly to Frontier Fiesta on your behalf. If partnering with another Registered Student Organization for a Variety Show, AFB will pay Frontier Fiesta $1,750 on behalf of each organization to cover the site cost. Please note, AFB will not pay for the $900 security deposit to Frontier Fiesta.
  • Organizations are responsible for purchasing their own show props, decorations, and any and all building materials.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to split to costs. There is no maximum on how many organizations can group together.
  • Organizations can charge one Fiesta Buck for entry into their variety show (1 Fiesta Buck = $1).
  • Fiesta Bucks collected will go back to the participating organizations.
  • Any Registered Student Organization is welcome to participate in a Frontier Fiesta Variety Show. All organizations are encouraged to participate, and to collaborate with one another to save costs. Frontier Fiesta will be awarding points to Variety Show groups that collaborate with new and unique student organizations.