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Carnival Booth

A carnival booth is a great way for all student organizations to be seen on campus at Frontier Fiesta. Carnival booths are interactive activities in which attendees can participate. Carnival booths are located throughout Frontier Fiesta City, and are a great way to promote your organization!


  • To reserve a Carnival Booth Space there is a $50 refundable security deposit due.
  • Activities Funding Board may refund up to $3,000 spent on Frontier Fiesta related purchases in order to set up or run your carnival booth.
  • Organizations are able to charge Frontier Fiesta Bucks for their activity (1 Frontier Fiesta Buck = $1).
  • Organizations keep 75% of Frontier Fiesta Bucks earned.
  • Be sure to only charge for participation in whole number amounts ($1, $5, etc).
  • Either $5 dollars or less, as Frontier Fiesta is a low to no cost event.

Carnival Booth Suggestions

  • Hands-on activities
  • Create a Photo Booth with props unique to your organization
  • Sell hand made Items
  • Distribute home made snacks (if approved for a Food Permit)
  • Face paint
  • Sell promotional items
  • Artistic work or other talents

All approved submissions will receive a 10'X10' space and one table, unless additional requests are made and approved.

*All activities must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Productions.