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After thoughtful consideration by the University of Houston executive leadership, we regret to inform you that Frontier Fiesta 2020 will be canceled due to the COVID-19 and emergency health declaration in the City of Houston. For more information regarding best practices and up-to-date information from the University of Houston, please visit UH COVID-19 Updates.

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Schedule for Fiesta 2020 To Be Announced

Frontier Fiesta is a student-led spring festival that was established in 1939. It has since grown into a diverse showcase of the talents of the University of Houston’s student body. Each year students from various student organizations volunteer and assist the Frontier Fiesta Association in transforming a piece of our campus into a fully functional town called “Fiesta City”.


The Cook-Off is the largest source of community participation at Frontier Fiesta. Over forty teams from alumni associations and outside organizations come to compete in the six categories of pinto beans, beef brisket, chicken, chili, fajitas, and pork ribs. Trophies are awarded to the first, second, and third place of each category, and in addition to a trophy, for the brisket category, a $1000 cash prize is awarded for first place, $600 cash prize for second place, and $400 cash prize is awarded for third place. Trophies and cash prizes are awarded at a ceremony held on Saturday night.