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Approved Disposal Procedures

EHS has reviewed and approved the following procedures for disposing of unwanted material from laboratories. 

Materials covered Disposal outcome Important notes Disposal procedure
Empty containers Refuse Not applicable to compressed gases, liquefied gases, aerosol cans, pressurized liquid dispensing containers, and otherwise regulated materials such as biological waste and radioactive waste  Disposal of empty containers from laboratories
Radioactive waste Manage through EHS Radioactive wastes as described by sublicense or otherwise must be managed according to the Radiation Safety Manual and EHS rules

See UH Radioactive Material Manual

Biomedical waste Manage through EHS Biomedical wastes including liquids and solids can be managed through off-site treatment and disposal, but must also comply with deactivation requirements in appropved protocols and MUAs

See UH Biosafety Manual and UH Regulated Waste Manual

Controlled substances Registrant destroys, then manages Unwanted Materials through EHS EHS does not directly handle controlled substances, however it does provide technical assistance in the Registrant-initiated destruction of controlled substances, and it does dispose of the waste products of destruction

Contact EHS to set up and individualized plan