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The Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) provides expertise, advice and recommendations concerning chemical safety and best practices to the Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer. The CSC focuses on promoting a safe chemical laboratory environment by serving as a resource for the development and review of the UH Chemical Hygiene Plan, reviewing chemical safety policies and procedures, addressing chemical safety challenges, and reviewing and approving protocols involving hazardous chemicals.

Convening Authority

The CSC reports to the Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer on matters related to the use of hazardous chemicals in research laboratory facilities at UH.

Committee Composition

Chair & Co-Chair - Elected by Committee membership.


  1. At least one Principal Investigator (PI) as a representative from each unit below:  
    • Cullen College of Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) 
    • College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry, Physics)
    • College of Pharmacy (Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
    • University Level Centers & Institutes
  2. UH Chemical Safety Officer
  3. Director, Environmental Health and Safety Department, or delegate
  4. The VC/VP for Research and Technology Transfer or delegate

Ex Officio Membership
Regulated Waste Manager, EHS.

Term of Membership: Three-year term.