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ELPS Higher Ed Testimonials

Welcome to our departmental website, and thank you for taking the time to discover more about our people and programs.

Please view student video testimonials to learn more about how you can advance your career in Higher Education at the UH College of Education.


Below please find more information about our current student and alumni experiences in the Higher Education programs.

Higher Education Programs
Mario Garner

Mario Garner, Ed.D. in Administration & Supervision - Higher Education

"The Ed.D. Curriculum was very attractive to me due to its compatibility with my professional schedule; its small, cohort-style classes; the very hands-on pedagogical approach of the faculty, and its affordability. Furthermore, the University of Houston has solid academic notoriety and I knew that a terminal degree from UH would serve me well – academically and professionally."
 Gloria Crisp

Gloria Crisp, Ed.D. in Administration & Supervision - Higher Education

"My time at UH shaped my scholarly interests and PROVIDED me with experiences publishing and presenting that made me competitve for a tenure-track faculty position."

 Sly Mata

Sly Mata, Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies

"The Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies Program provides me with the tools to analyze, interpret and understand education policy that affects or restricts educational equity for student populations (marginalized, first generation and low income students). These tools will allow me to research policy recommendations in the hopes of creating positive outcomes for future students. "

 Lauren McCulusky

Lauren McClusky, M.Ed. Higher Education (Face-to-Face Program)

"The Administration & Supervision Higher Education Master’s Program prepared me for my current leadership position in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services here at the University of Houston.  Through academic rigor and valuable, practical career experiences from my graduate assistantship position on campus, I feel confident I was given the skills to have a meaningful and lasting influence on students’ lives in the higher education setting for years to come."
 Erica Njoku

Erica Njoku, M.Ed. Higher Education (Face-to-Face Program)

"The experiences I have had in the University of Houston Higher Education Administration program will certainly last a lifetime. The knowledge I have gained from practical experiences coupled with my interactions with faculty and staff will be the foundation of my success as a Student Affairs professional.  This program has provided me with the opportunity to be both challenged academically and engaged socially.  The collective diversity of my cohort allows me to engage with students from all over the world, each with their own story to tell.   As I progress in my career, I will carry with me skills I have developed in this program that will enable me to leave a lasting impact on students."
 Samantha Seale

Samatha Seale, M.Ed. Higher Education (Face-to-Face Program)

“The UH Higher Education Program has been a rewarding experience for me in so many ways. I really enjoy the face-to-face setting not only for the classroom experience but also because I love all of the students in our cohort! This program has provided me with countless networking opportunities, great professors, useful research projects, courses that apply to my current job, and so much more. This unforgettable experience will position me well for future career opportunities.”


Davinia Rodriguez-Wilhelm, M.Ed. Higher Education (Face-to-Face Program)

"When I started researching education programs, several colleagues recommended the University of Houston’s Higher Education program. As alumni, they highlighted the program’s strengths which include a diverse cohort, talented and supportive faculty, and a challenging curriculum. Their positive recommendations proved true. Through my own experience, I found the program’s flexibility and affordability notable qualities as well. Moving forward, I feel confident that the research and critical thinking skills I have developed will open a variety of career opportunities and help me continue my education."

 Eddie Kelleher

Eddie Kelleher, M.Ed Higher Education (Online Program)

"The online M.Ed in higher education was not only convenient for a full-time working professional, but also engaging and challenging. As an international student, this course gave me a deep insight into the theories, history, philosophy, and issues related to higher education in the United States. The faculty embraced my international perspective on issues, and it is clear that this program values diversity.”