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The Latest Updates on COVID-19
  • Teaching Students to Stay Healthy

    We offer programs and services that address the mind, body, and spirit. Our students have many fitness and athletic options to explore and have access to excellent healthcare services.

  • Leading Students to Get Involved

    We help students get involved on campus to better develop leadership skills, character, and discipline. We create global citizens who are ready to contribute to the world.

  • Providing Ways to Get Support

    We provide opportunities for students to achieve their goals by offering services that complement their academic experiences. We support students' general needs that, when met, provide a foundation for academic and personal success.

  • Encouraging Students to Live On Campus

    Living in a residence hall provides access to many services and resources, as well as the support to focus on academics and the experience of being a part of a diverse community.

  • Empowering Students to Take Charge

    We support prospective and admitted students through a variety of resources and touchpoints throughout their college life-cycle that lead to retention and timely graduation.

  • Join the campaign for the University of Houston

    Thank you to these donors from DSAES for supporting UH!

    • Dr. Daniel M. Maxwell,
    • Ms. Suzanne L. Harrington,
    • Dr. Raven L. Jones,
    • Ms. Janelle Renee Brown,
    • Mr. Kenneth Mauk,
    • Mr. Keith T. Kowalka,
    • Mr. Lawrence Daniel,
    • Mr. Ghazanfar Ali,
    • Ms. Georgeann W. Smith,
    • Miss Alicia V. Whitmire,
    • Ms. Briget A. Jans,
    • Mr. Kamran Riaz,
    • Ms. Hope Suzanne Pacheco,
    • Ms. Janet Clemenson,
    • Mr. John A. Shiflet,
    • Ms. Gayle D. King,
    • Mrs. Maria Rendon,
    • Mrs. Katina D. McGhee,
    • Mr. Anthony D. Stott,
    • Ms. Kimberley R. Monroe,
    • Mr. Eura C. Miles


  • UH Coog Moms helping feed and dress UH students with new grants

    UH Coog Moms has awarded $500 grants to two departments in the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services that will help graduating seniors dress professionally as they embark on their new careers and also feed UH students struggling with food insecurity.

  • CDI hosts 2021 Fall Speaker Series Keynote with artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez

    The Center for Diversity and Inclusion recently held its annual Fall Speaker Series featuring keynote speaker Favianna Rodriguez. An American artist and activist based in Oakland, California, Rodriguez is guided by her experiences as a queer woman of color with Afro-Peruvian roots, and her work centers around themes of racial equality, migration, and climate change. She believes that artists are a crucial part in bringing change to society.

  • International Friendship Program celebrates 50 years

    The International Student and Scholar Services Office is marking a momentous anniversary in just a couple of weeks: Its International Friendship Program is commemorating 50 years of pairing international students with local families, a partnership that has helped cultivate decades of long-lasting relationships between UH students and Houston-area families.

  • #IAMUH Campaign – Celebrating Diversity at the University of Houston

    Over 250 Coogs have shared their #IAMUH stories, spotlighting the diversity of the campus community. Corey Meyer is one student at the University of Houston who shared how he represents the UH community.

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UH at Sugar Land

UH at Sugar Land is a location of the University of Houston and home to many UH programs. The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services (DSAES) provides support services and events throughout the academic year. All students are invited to use these resources. Learn more about the DSAES departments at UH at Sugar Land.

UH at Katy

The University of Houston at Katy brings Tier One higher education to a growing region rich in ambition, drive and vision. The 80,000-sq.-ft-facility features state-of-the-art labs and studios for students pursuing studies with the UH College of Nursing and the UH Cullen College of Engineering.