Dr. Paul Kittle meets with Student Leaders on Day One - University of Houston
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January 19, 2024

Dr. Kittle commenced his role with an impactful first day, signaling a commitment to student engagement and success. His proactive approach was evident from the outset as he hosted a Student Leader Luncheon, bringing together 20 influential student leaders to discuss their experiences and aspirations at the university.


Recognizing the importance of student perspectives, Dr. Kittle devoted time to actively listening to students, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, and promoting an open dialogue. The conversation delved into students' views on their overall university experience and explored ways to enhance and optimize various aspects of campus life. Student Leaders Sarah Khan, Director of the Council for Cultural Activities and Chirelle Riley, Coog Radio Station Director were also in attendance among many more.

Sarah remarked, “It was great meeting with Dr. Kittle on his first day at UH! We learned a lot about him and the experience he brings, as well as shared our experience at UH! Bringing together both, I am excited for the vision he develops to enhance the campus experience for coogs as well as reach our goal of being in the Top 50!”

Among the attendees was the President of the Student Government Association, Benjamin Rizk a key figure in representing the student body.

Benjamin said, “It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Kittle. He was attentive and receptive but also understood that things take time to improve and that he is happy to put in the work to see that change put into action. He is ready to execute and be a part of the cougar culture. I look forward to working with him to push UH toward our shared vision for what we know we can achieve.”

Dr. Kittle is eager to work closely with student leaders who play a crucial role in shaping the campus culture. Creating a collaboration between the new Vice President and the Student Government Association signals a promising era of partnership and mutual understanding.

Dr. Kittle's proactive leadership style and his prioritization for direct engagement with students demonstrates his desire for open communication and collaboration with the student leaders. This approach aligns with the DSA’s commitment to fostering an environment where students feel heard, valued, and supported.

The expression "hit the ground running" aptly describes Dr. Kittle's first day at the University of Houston. Rather than easing into his role, he immediately embraced the opportunity to connect with students and initiate meaningful conversations. Dr. Kittle is ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that come with leading the Student Affairs division.

As Dr. Kittle continues to lead the division, the students eagerly anticipate the impact he will have on the student experience and campus life.

Written by Germaine Washington, Director of Marketing and Communication - Division of Student Affairs