Bijoli Saha wins March 2023 Golden Paw Employee of the Month Award - University of Houston
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DSA News
April 17, 2023

Bijoli Saha, Assistant Teacher for the Child Care Center at the Children’s Learning Center, has been awarded the Golden Paw Employee of the Month Award for March 2023.

In her position, Bijoli works with the Lead Teacher to help plan, implement, and supervise the child development program. However, each day she arrives early at work and goes beyond what is asked of her. She greets each child and their family with kindness and a smile first thing in the morning and goes out of her way to make each child feel comfortable and welcome as she walks them to their classrooms.

Bijoli has worked diligently to create a meaningful connection with each of the kids that come through the Learning Center. She helps the kids connect with the natural world around them through nature walks and watering the plants in the area. Additionally, Bijoli takes time to bring the kids’ home life and culture into the classroom, going as far as learning parts of their language to connect with them and help them feel validated and welcome.

“She has worked in the Purple Room for a year now,” the Learning Center’s Head Teacher, Lisa Martin said, “and she is so natural and gentle with each child.” Bijoli is flexible daily, ready to help where help is needed. When asked to work in different classrooms, Martin explained, “she is always happy to assist the children and supports them in reaching their developmental milestones.”

Beyond her work with the kids at the Learning Center, Bijoli also takes part in training UH students and guiding them as they learn how to provide quality care to the children.

“We depend on Bijoli every day,” Lisa Martin said. “She brings a wealth of knowledge, and I am a better teacher because I’ve had a positive role model.”

Congratulations again to Bijoli on being awarded the Department of Student Affairs March 2023 Golden Paw Employee of the Month.