Neema Langa joins Sociology, AAS

New African American Studies and Sociology joint hire to teach Gender and Health Care in Africa this fall.

Neema Langa

Professor Neema Langa joins us as a joint faculty member in the sociology and the African American studies departments. Her research uses quantitative methodologies to examine structural forces contributing to heterogeneity in health care utilization and health outcomes among African and African American women in underserved communities. She is particularly interested in exploring the role of institutional forces in determining disparities in the utilization of maternal health care and maternal health outcomes in developing and developed countries. Her research also examines the role of social inequalities and health care experiences in influencing variations in these women's later-life health outcomes. 

This fall, Professor Langa will be teaching AAS 3394/SOC 3397: Gender and Health Care in Africa. The course is designed to foster the development of critical and innovative approaches to understanding Africans' health and health care in a gendered context. This course’s objective is to ensure that students understand gender as the structural factor that influences an individual's likelihood of accessing and utilizing health care, as well as their health outcomes. Additionally, students will learn about how gender intersects with other structures such as education and wealth status to influence African women's health behaviors. The class is Mon/Wed 2:30-4 p.m. Please email Professor Langa for more information: