Graduating Student Spotlight – Allure Anoma, Jack J. Valenti School of Communication

Allure Anoma

Broadcast journalism major Allure Anoma has worked at CBS Radio and Shell Oil, and held temporary positions for Black Entertainment Television network, Seventeen Magazine and Macy’s department stores. In addition, in January she will begin a new position with NBC’s TV show, The Voice.

As impressive as her work experience is for a graduating senior, Anoma counts an on-campus opportunity as her most memorable collegiate accomplishment: being the chair of UH’s 2014 Homecoming.

“I had been involved with homecoming since I was freshman, but serving as the chair during my senior year was amazing,” she says. “I spent so much of my time in the Student Center working with different organizations. It was everything I could ever hope for.”

Anoma mainly worked with the homecoming court, she says she “lived for the glitter and pageantry of the half time homecoming court presentation.”

Ensuring the court reflected the diversity of UH’s campus was her goal. After her tenure in her position was over, the following year there was a boost in interest from individuals wanting to be candidates for homecoming court

“Her three years of service and leadership to the Homecoming Board saw a growth in the activities in this most sacred UH tradition; both growth in student/UH community participation, but also in the number of events the Board provided,” says Keith Kowalka, assistant vice president for student affairs and interim director of the student centers.

Being able to quantify the impact of the work she did as homecoming chair, as well as apply the skills she’s gained as a broadcast journalism major, helped Anoma land the CBS Radio position and add another impressive honor to her resume.

“My communications law class was definitely one of my favorites and helped prepare me for internship opportunities. It seemed intense in the beginning but I vividly remember working and ENJOYING the class. It made me love the business side of entertainment even more,” she says.

She was recently granted a student membership into the National Recording Academy, which produces the annual Grammys award show. The affiliation allowed her to do some production work for events the Recording Academy held in Houston.

“With each new internship, I got better in my marketing and event coordinator skills,” she says. “The more big names I pulled in, the better my next opportunities/internships became.”

She is continuing that streak after she graduates this month by working with NBC’s The Voice television program when they come to Houston to hold auditions in January. Long term, she is hedging her bets by applying to law schools this spring.

“I want to go to law school so I can channel the knowledge I received at UH into being a really good publicist for not just celebrities, but corporations as well,” she says.

She also appreciates the perks that come with working behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry.

When pop icon Beyoncé came to Houston for a concert earlier this year, Anoma’s internship with CBS Radio provided her with one of the best seats in the house.

“It was the first Houston show for the Mrs. Carter World tour in 2013. I was working the event and my partner and I had to use the bathroom. On our way, we saw an open door to the actual stage area and there she was- Queen B herself doing her sound check! We watched that for awhile but I got to see the actual concert later that night in one of the suites - but sound check was amazing and a little closer,” she recalls.

- By Monica Byars