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News from CLASS

CLASS Event Calendar

Dec. 17: Fall 2015 Commencement
The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) commencement ceremony is 9 – 11:30 a.m. in Hofheinz Pavilion on Cullen Boulevard

Jan. 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(federal and state holiday)

Jan. 19: Kristen Yon Faculty Recital
7:30pm-9:30pm at Dudley Recital Hall
Moores School of Music faculty members Kristen Yon, Anthony Kitai and Timothy Hester will perform. For ticket information contact the Moores School of Music Box Office at 713-743-3388.

Jan. 20: Encounters and Discoveries in Literature: Celebrating Arte Público Press and Twentieth Century Latina/o Literature
5 pm - 7 pm in the M.D. Anderson Library Rockwell Pavilion
Opening reception of the new exhibit, Encounters and Discoveries in Literature: Celebrating Arte Público Press and Twentieth Century Latina/o Literature. Materials in the exhibit will include books, archival documents, photographs, and works of art produced or recovered by Arte Público Press and its subdivisions. For more information contact Lisa Cruces at 713-743-9903.

For more events, check the CLASS calendar.

CLASS Expertise in the Media

J. Leigh Leasure
The New York Times included comments by J. Leigh Leasure, associate professor of psychology, in their article The Close Ties Between Exercise and Beer.
Todd Romero
Todd Romero, associate professor of history, offered his expertise on Houston’s Food and Dining scene in the following articles:
Jennifer Wingard
The Washington Post recently intereviewed associate professor of English Jennifer Wingard for their article, Is our ‘out of control’ political rhetoric really all that extraordinary?
Francisco Cantu
Francisco Cantú, assistant professor of political science, co-authored an article for the Washington Post titled, Was Argentina’s election stolen? Here’s how you can tell.
Tracy Xavia Karner
Manhattan as Muse: Streetscapes by Harvey Stein, an article that recently ran in the Huffington Post reviewed the book, Briefly Seen: New York Street Life. The book includes essays from sociology department chair Tracy Xavia Karner.
Lorenzo Cano
The Boston Globe interviewed Lorenzo Cano, associate director of the Center of Mexican American Studies, for the article, Census considers more race choices.
Abdel Razzaq Takriti
Associate professor of modern Arab history, Abdel Razzaq Takriti, was featured in The Cougar article, Head of Arab studies program aims to shape understanding of the Middle East
Moores Opera House
For the fifth consecutive year, productions by the Moores Opera Center have earned top honors from the National Opera Association's annual Opera Production Competition. The Houston Chronicle article, University of Houston Moores Opera Center honored, describes the recognition.
Paul R. Gregory
The National Review ran an article authored by Paul Roderick Gregory, professor of economics, titled, Russia’s Economic Stagnation. In addition, he authored the article, Why Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a bad ally for Hindustan Times.
Stephan Hillerbrand
The work of Stephan Hillerbrand, associate professor of photography and co-owner of the Hillerbrand+Magasamen design studio, was featured in the KHOU story, Festival features flicks with real NASA footage.
Richard Murray
Bloomberg interviewed Richard Murray, professor of political science, for their article, Obama Pins Hope on Supreme Court After Latest Immigration Defeat. He was also quoted in the Chicago Tribune article, Obama's loss on immigration case may be political win for party.
Emran El-Badawi
Emran El-Badawi, director of Arabic studies, offered comments in the Houston Chronicle article, Survey: Christian Americans view Muslim values 'at odds' with those of America.
Veteran broadcaster and host of ABC's "What Would You Do?" John Quiones, was the keynote speaker at the Center for Mexican American Studies' annual Noche Cultural Banquet. The event was covered by ABC-13 in the story 'What Would You Do?' host John Quiñones delivers keynote speech at UH banquet.
Brandon Rottinghaus
Associate professor of political science, Brandon Rottinghaus, offered comments in the following articles:
Michael D. Snediker
Poetry by Michael D. Snediker, associate professor of English, was featured in The Spectrum article, Poem-A-Day — ‘The Abasement of the Northmores’ by Michael D. Snediker
Robert Zaretsky
Professor of modern and classical languages, Robert Zaretsky, wrote the following articles: