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Undergraduate Students

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) provides a link between the studies of human behavior and human experience. CLASS offers courses that explore the human condition through scientific knowledge, social structures, literature, language, philosophy, history and the arts.

All students at the university participate in the course work of the college by taking a core of subjects that form the common background necessary for all fields. The study of disciplines within CLASS will broaden students' understanding of life and prepare them for meaningful roles in a multi-cultural society.

All students in CLASS are welcome to visit the Academic Affairs Center. Our undergraduate Academic Affairs Center is located in 320 Agnes Arnold Hall and can be reached at (713) 743-4001.

The Academic Affairs Center provides:

  •  Orientation programming for freshmen and transfer students
  •  Guidance with policies and procedures
  •  Review of petitions for transfer credit equivalency at UH
  •  Clarification of degree requirements and degree certification
  •  High school and community outreach

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Graduate Students

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is home to a diverse array of graduate programs. Over 1000 graduate students are enrolled in our eight doctoral and fifteen master’s programs in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative and Performing Arts.

Graduates of all our programs go on to academic positions or further studies at colleges and universities across the nation or find professional placements in the Houston area and beyond.

For most students, your department will be your major resource for information and advising regarding graduate programs. Links to graduate information for all CLASS departments and schools are can be found in the graduate section of this website. The College graduate staff is here to provide support to the departments. We also oversee a variety of administrative procedures, including the submission of dissertations and theses.

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