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Admission Requirements & Financial Aid

Admissions generally only take place for the Fall Semester. The priority application deadline is February 28. However, applications will be accepted until June 1.

The deadline for international student applicants is April 1.

  1. Application Form – An online graduate application form which can be filled out via Check out the UH Graduate School website for further information and help.
  1. Entry Degree Requirements – A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree, which includes 24 hours of Anthropology or other social science courses on the semester system. If your major was not Anthropology or your baccalaureate degree is not BA or BS, additional course work may be required and is supervised by the graduate advisor. Official copies of all university transcripts, with degree posted, are required. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THAT AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT WITH DEGREE POSTED IS SENT TO THE UNIVERSITY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  2. Grade point Average – A grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)/(B) on all work attempted, graduate and/or undergraduate, beginning with the semester during which the first of the 60 most recent semester hours were taken. If possible, please send an unofficial copy of your transcript to the graduate advisor for your file.
  3. Examination Score  - For academic year 2021-2022, the GRE requirement is waived for graduate admission.
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation preferably from former professors but references from the work setting are acceptable, especially if they demonstrate one’s potential as a graduate student. All recommendations are now online and should be uploaded to the student’s file.
  5. Sample of Writing Style. This can be only a few pages of a paper written for school or work. This should be uploaded under the Additional Materials option on the checklist.
  6. Statement of Professional Goals. This only needs to a clear statement telling us what you are interested in studying in our Department and why. It is usually attached to the common application
  7. Applicants slightly below the GPA/GRE Admission Standards may be admitted conditionally on a case by case basis. Conditional acceptance means the student must have a GPA of 3.0 in the first 12 hours. When this is completed, STUDENT MUST PETITION TO BE MADE UNCONDITIONAL.
  8. Judgments of courses equivalent to those offered at UH will be made by the graduate advisor. Only 6 semester hours of graduate work completed at another university or in another department of UH may be transferred as counting toward degree requirements at UH.


**NOTE: The Anthropology Department does not have any scholarships that are available to students. You must contact the College of Social Sciences or the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office of the University of Houston for information regarding scholarships.

Departmental Teaching and Research Assistantships

The Department has Teaching Assistantships (TAs to aid professors in the larger, mostly introductory level classes. After one semester, graduate students interested in Teaching Assistantships should apply through the Graduate Advisor. Award of teaching assistantships is determined by the Graduate Committee. Varied criteria are used to determine who is awarded an assistantship. The criteria include: overall graduate GPA, performance in required or comprehensive-eligible seminars, and satisfactory progress toward the degree. Additionally, research assistantships (RAs) are funded through research projects conducted by individual faculty members. Availability and amount of compensation may vary from year to year, but includes at least a partial tuition waiver, courtesy of CLASS. Generally, these are available for only two semesters to allow as many students as possible to benefit from the support and gain the experience. In some circumstances, more than two will be awarded.