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About Outreach Programming

CAPS provides educational and preventative outreach programming to the University of Houston community. This may include training on suicide prevention, recognizing signs and symptoms of students of concern and how to effectively refer. CAPS also provides consultation services for the UH community. This may involve evaluating and supporting the intervention of UH faculty and staff in managing difficult situations effectively (i.e., traumatic events, grief debriefing, distressing emails, etc.) with individual(s) of concern. Consultation is available to staff, faculty, and students by calling CAPS or visiting our “Let’s Talk” locations.

Each therapist at CAPS also maintains a liaison relationship with various UH departments, colleges, and student organizations. These liaison relationships help us effectively address the specific needs of each department, college, or student organization and provides you with a person of contact at CAPS for assistance. Your CAPS’ liaison is available for specific presentation requests and can also attend one of your departmental/organization meetings to further engage with you and your staff.