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Featured Industrial Design Student Work

First Year: INDS 1501 + 2170 Student Work

  • Shared Stool

    Shared Stool

    Danny Blacker • 2020

    Material study on simple home furniture.

  • Octa


    Hafsa Saqib • 2020

    An experimentation with recyled materials.

  • Digital Sketching

    Digital Sketching

    Talha Kabasakal• 2022

    Digital sketching practice on cars and trucks.

Second Year: INDS 2500 + 2501 Student Work

  • Bare


    Joshua Alarcon • 2018

    A simple tool design.

  • Cyclops


    Annaleise Gray • 2018

    A simple tool design.

  • Cyrcle


    Adron Blount • 2022

    A bicycle lock for children using a mechanism focused on letters instead of numbers. 

  • Strider


    Xavier Morales • 2022

    A watercraft designed from recyclable cardboard with no adhesives.

  • Flowover Universal Spout

    Flowover Universal Spout

    Srivats Srinivasan • 2022

    A spout designed for mess-free pouring. 

  • Ren


    Antoinette Louw • 2018

    A desktop air purifier that doubles as a fan. 

Third Year: INDS 3397, 3500 + 3501 Student Work

  • Siva Afi

    Siva Afi

    Mariana Anzures • 2022

    An award-winning chair inspired by nature and traditional Samoan fire dancing.  

  • Knack


    David Edquilang and Niell Gorman • 2022

    A 3D printed upper limb prosthesis with enhanced functionality and aesthetic quality. This project won a Bronze Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

  • Blüm


    Pedro Sandoval • 2021

    An award-winning chair inspired by the natural beauty of a flower. 

  • Babegate


    Aidan Fincher • 2022

    A smart baby gate with wireless locking technology that fits into doorway widths ranging from 28" to 48".

  • Octa Pan

    Octa Pan

    Haleigh Esene • 2022

    A space-saving stainless steel frying pan with Bakelite handles that swivels around for storage.

  • Method Mat

    Method Mat

    Diego Romero • 2022

    An adaptable, silicon dish mat with magnets that allows it to fold into different configurations as needed.

Fourth Year: INDS 4500 + 4501 Student Work

  • Luna


    Isabella Palmeira • 2022

    A tabletop lamp, speaker, and app system that utilizes the benefits of AI, white noise, and light simulation therapy for better sleep and relationship between a mother and her baby.

  • U-Skate


    Tim Vance • 2022

    U Skate is the novel transition between walking and motorized transportation. Capable of being worn over any shoe shape and size, U Skate eliminates the hassle of putting on and taking off traditional roller skates.

  • ORO


    Jacob Abraham • 2021

    A delivery module concpet for TOYOTA automotive industry factory. This project earned first place in the 2022 Toyota Logistic Design Competition.

  • Sumu Brace

    Sumu Brace

    Miles Bailey • 2022

    A custom, stimulatory orthotic brace designed with a compliant rotational hinge mechanism for children. 

  • The INK Series

    The INK Series

    Dymon Johnson • 2020

    A series of occasional tables, a finalist of the 2020 Pinnacle Awards.

  • Tuner Lift

    Tuner Lift

    Oswald Estrada • 2020

    A vehicle jack system designed to handle the problems car enthusiast are having while lifting their cars at the touch of a button. 

Graduate Student Work

  • Aura: A Novel MEG Headset & System

    Aura: A Novel MEG Headset & System

    Zain Jamjoon • 2021

    Aura 1.0 headset was developed to address critical issues of current headsets with existing research-based MEG Systems as reported by researchers including scan noise, loose sensors, sensor logging nad jamming, headset ergonomics, etc.

  • Zero MAS: Mobile Arm Support System

    Zero MAS: Mobile Arm Support System

    Elliot Martinez • 2019

    A durable and adaptable mobile arm support system designed to be adjusted and repaired easily.

  • Tunen


    Olivia Wilczek • 2021

    Headphones that measure electrical activity in the brain paired with a mobile app to help students measure focus and memory functioning through music listening. 

  • P-Leg V.2

    P-Leg V.2

    Suochun Fang • 2022

    A customizable, modular pediatric exoskeleton for rehabilitation and mobility. 

  • INSU


    Mason Lucich • 2019

    A battery-powered, portable device designed to store temperature-sensitive medications and to maintain their temperature.