Intitutional Compliance Program Offers Confidential Reporting

February 22, 2007

To promote and support a culture that builds compliance consciousness into daily activities, UH initiated the Institutional Compliance Program in 2002. The program includes external compliance in a wide variety of areas such as academic accreditation and academic and medical privacy laws. The program offers faculty and staff an option of reporting potential issues of noncompliance outside their normal reporting relationships.

Thus far, reports have been made concerning safety issues, protection of sensitive information, suspected fraud and other issues of management practices. In several cases, improvements were needed and implemented.

If you suspect an issue of potential noncompliance, call 1-800-716-9007 or visit Reports may be made anonymously and information regarding the investigation will be available to the person who reported the issue. The system also incorporates a method of dialogue between the investigators and the reporter, while maintaining anonymity. Incidents such as suspected discrimination or employment-related harassment should be made to the Office of Affirmative Action.

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