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Cougar First Impressions Volunteering Policies & Procedures

Role of CFI Volunteers

What is acceptable and encouraged is to hand out CFI materials (i.e. maps, flyers/brochures on student-related services, UH pens or giveaways, etc.) that are supplied in advance and answer questions about your department if asked.

CFI is not an acceptable platform for promoting your department or soliciting your organization's events, where CFI ceases to be the primary focus for the day.

Your Committment as a CFI Volunteer

Your commitment to volunteer for CFI contributes to a great first impression for our students and your fellow volunteers depend on you to fulfill your commitment. To avoid problems in your work area, make sure to get your supervisor's approval before committing to volunteer. Let us know as soon as possible if you need to make a change or if you cannot volunteer for your shift. "No shows" and last-minute cancellations create many difficulties for your fellow volunteers.

Specific Purpose of Cougar First Impressions

To help students find their way around campus, answer their questions, and inform them of campus resources. It is not designed to be an Activities Fair where any given department spends the day promoting itself.

To reinforce consistency throughout CFI, all volunteers should wear the CFI T-shirt and have the same materials available at every location.

If you have any questions about specific things your department wants to do, please contact any CFI planning committee member.


You may pick up your T-shirt at Home Base, located in the first floor of PGH, on the other side of the breezeway from Einstein's Bagels (the door on the outside of the building nearest E. Cullen will be the best entrance). before your shift on either day. (NOTE: Fall CFI only)

If you are working the first shift of the day, your box will be delivered. Please set out materials on the table for students to pick up.

Please sign in on the Volunteer Master List. Go to the Sign-In section of your table's binder and verify your time and location by initialing by your name. If you are not on the master list, write your name neatly next to your time and location and then initial.

Never leave the radio alone. At the end of the day, we will pick up the radio.

Radio Etiquette: Push the button on the side when you want to speak. Wait 2 seconds before speaking. Release when you are finished speaking.
Example: Table 12 to Base, over.
Base to Table 12, over.
Table 12 needs water, over.
Base to Table 12, that's clear, out.
Channel 1 will be for all questions, water, base, etc. Always keep it on this channel.

Suggestions? Jot down your ideas and FAQ suggestions in the Suggestions section of your table's binder.

Periodically, write down your tally and the time of that tally on the next page. NEVER CLEAR THE TALLY COUNTER. If your tally counter stops working, use the Tally Count page (next page) to keep track and radio base to bring you a tally counter on the next Scheduled delivery.

Do not turn away a student with a difficult question. Check the FAQ section of the binder, and then radio Base for help with a question you cannot answer. If your radio does not work, consult the Table Locations section of this binder and direct them to the nearest table.

If you are working the last shift of the day, put all excess materials in your box (except for the radio and water) and wait at the table until the radio and box are picked up.

Volunteer Special Recognition
You are in the best position to observe the performance of your fellow volunteers. While every CFI volunteer goes above the call of duty by participating in CFI, some volunteers go even further. We would like to know and recognize the special things our CFI volunteers do. Help us to identify the extra efforts of your fellow volunteers by nominating them with a form that will be included in your table's binder.

You will be given your invitation to the CFI Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon during your shift. If you have not received one by the end of your shift, please alert home base.

The CFI Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon is generally held several days after CFI. You MUST bring the special invitation that was given to you during your shift. (NOTE Fall CFI only)

The CFI Debriefing Meeting is held in the month following CFI. Anyone interested in being a part of next year's planning committee or anyone with ideas on how to make CFI an even better event is welcome to attend. You can also provide to the committee chairs, Tommie Trevino and Dan Olivarezfeedback or sign up for a CFI committee.