Cougar Cudos

Cougar Cudos is a program of Staff Council to encourage recognition of UH staff members' great efforts. Use the form below to give Cougar Cudos to a staff member who has really impressed you, made your day, provided great customer service, or has just helped you out. If you need help remembering the staff member's information, use the UH Directory.

You can help advertise Cougar Cudos by printing and posting a copy of the Cougar Cudos flyer (PDF) for general use on campus.

You can also see the list of past Cougar Cudos recipients.

Thank You Thursdays

Thank You Thursdays is a campaign to boost the use of Cougar Cudos. Add a recurring event to your calendar as a reminder to send Cougar Cudos on Thursdays. Don't forget to copy it to your calendar.