About Staff Council

The University of Houston Staff Council is an advisory body to the President of the University and the University administration.
Staff Council consists of elected staff members from each division who represent the entire staff body.

Contact Staff Council

B. Renae Milton, Staff Council Program Manager
email: staffcouncil@uh.edu
phone: 713-743-1578
fax: 713-743-8849
mailcode: 2018

Member Roster

For complete 2013-2014 Staff Council member information, download the Member Roster PDF. Following is contact information for this year's Executive Committee, representatives by division, and ex officio members.

2013-2014 Executive Committee

Staff Council Officers

Pamela Muscarello
713-743-3515 pammusc@math.uh.edu
Ron Gonyea
Immediate Past President
713-743-5799 rgonyea@central.uh.edu
Martha Hayes
713-743-0327 mshayes@uh.edu
Kimberly Williams
713-743-2932 kwilliams16@uh.edu
Jacqueline Chee
713-743-8725 jchee@uh.edu
Robin Taylor
713-743-5137 rtaylo2@central.uh.edu
Troy Christensen
713-743-8223 tchristensen@uh.edu

Staff Council Committee Chairs


Karl Hearne 832-842-5090 khearne@uh.edu


Andy Moon 832-842-4782 andy@uh.edu
Anne Ness 713-743-4704 aness@uh.edu

Cougar First Impressions

Elsie Myers 713-743-6014 emyers@uh.edu
Tommie Trevino (non-Staff Council co-chair) 832-842-8747 tctrevino@uh.edu


Mary Helen Meza 713-743-3135 mmeza@uh.edu
Rebecca Szwarc 713-743-6030 rszwarc@uh.edu

Membership and Elections

Sawsan Shatleh 713-743-2054 sshatleh@optometry.uh.edu

Staff Affairs

Matthew Castillo 713-743-1513 matthew@uh.edu
Jay Parks 713-743-9511 ghparks@uh.edu

2013-2014 Representatives by Division

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Academic Affairs
Administration & Finance
At Large
Division of the Chancellor/President
Student Affairs
University Advancement

Academic Affairs

Barrera, Mary "Kitty" 713-743-3030 mkbarrera@uh.edu
Bertsch, Alexis 713-743-1241 akbertsch@uh.edu
Foster, Chris 713-743-3314 cfoster5@uh.edu
Hayes, Martha 713-743-0327 mshayes@uh.edu
McKinney, Samantha 832-842-7095 semckinn@central.uh.edu
Meza, Mary Helen 713-743-3135 mmeza@uh.edu
Moreno, Susan 713-743-0640 semoreno@uh.edu
Muscarello, Pamela 713-743-3515 pammusc@math.uh.edu
Myers, Elsie 713-743-6014 emyers@uh.edu
Ness, Anne 713-743-4704 aness@uh.edu
Shatleh, Sawsan 713-743-2054 sshatleh@optometry.uh.edu
Williams, Kimberly 713-743-2932 kwilliams16@uh.edu
Zorola, Jessica 713-743-2927 jzorola@central.uh.edu

Administration & Finance

Ashley, Bill 832-842-8710 bashley@uh.edu
Barras, Kim 713-743-5943 kbarras@central.uh.edu
Castillo, Matthew 713-743-1513 matthew@uh.edu
Castro, Rowena 832-842-4791 rcastro@uh.edu
Chee, Jacqueline 713-743-8725 jchee@uh.edu
Gonyea, Ron 713-743-5799 rgonyea@central.uh.edu
Moon, Andy 832-842-4782 Ajmoon2@central.uh.edu
Olivarez, Dan 713-743-8887 dolivarez@uh.edu
White, Steven 832-455-9752 tierwester6402@yahoo.com

At Large

Parks, Jay 713-743-9511 ghparks@uh.edu
Szwarc, Rebecca 713-743-6030 rszwarc@uh.edu

Division of the Chancellor/President

Dahlke, Sandra 713-743-8000 sdahlke@central.uh.edu
Hearne, Karl 832-842-5090 kahearne@central.uh.edu


Christensen, Troy 713-743-8223 tchristensen@uh.edu

Student Affairs

Chanderbhan-Forde, Susan 713-743-5454 schanderbhan-forde@uh.edu
Daniel, Lawrence 832-842-4845 lrdaniel@uh.edu
Taylor, Robin 713-743-5137 rtaylo2@central.uh.edu

University Advancement

Bair, Michelle 713-743-1582 mebair@central.uh.edu

Ex Officio Members

Joan Nelson
Human Resources
713-743-2603 jmnelson2@uh.edu
Richard Baker
Affirmative Action
713-743-8835 rabaker4@uh.edu
Maria Elena Soliño
President, Faculty Senate
713-743-9181 fspres@uh.edu