2014-2015 Staff Council Committees

The University of Houston Staff Council Bylaws call for six standing committees and special committees appointed by the Staff Council President on an ad hoc basis. Additionally, Staff Council has four representatives on the University System Staff Executive Council (USSEC). Current committee descriptions and memberships are below.

Staff Council is also represented on University-wide standing and other committees. See the UH Committees - Staff Council Representation page for more information.


The Appointments Committee is responsible for recommending staff representatives to standing and other university committees for Council approval. These recommendations must be presented for approval at the next Council meeting. Upon approval, these representatives are forwarded to the appropriate committee officer or administrator. Representatives to standing or other committees are responsible for obtaining and presenting to Staff Council a summary or copy of approved committee meeting minutes of each committee's activities at least twice a year in January and July.


Foster, Chris 713-743-6385 cfoster5@uh.edu
Hearne, Karl 832-842-5090 khearne@uh.edu


The Communications Committee is responsible for all external communication, including releases to university media. Duties include managing and updating the Staff Council website, sending information out on the Staff Council listserv, researching ideas by calling other Committee chairs and getting information, and writing about current events.


Ashley, Bill 832-842-8710 bashley@uh.edu
Moon, Andy 832-842-4782 andy@uh.edu

Cougar First Impressions

Cougar First Impressions (CFI) is sponsored by Staff Council and offers students a chance to receive campus maps, directions to class and bottled water from UH staff members stationed across campus during the first two days of the Fall semester. The event is made possible by generous contributions without student fees. See the CFI home page for more information.


Moon, Andy 832-842-4782 andy@uh.edu
Trevino, Tommie
(non-Staff Council co-chair)
832-842-8747 tommie@math.uh.edu


The Events Committee oversees specials events for Staff members and the UH community sponsored by Staff Council, such as:

  • Staff Council Leadership Luncheon--This is a luncheon to recognize outgoing members and to welcome incoming members.
  • Sock & Blanket Drive--During the holiday season, Staff Council collects items from the UH community to assist needy families.
  • Spring Egg Hunt--The Events Committee collects candy and stuffs eggs for a UH community family event.


Myrick, Keri 713-743-9010 kdmyrick@uh.edu
Potocki, Jennifer 713-743-6406 jpotocki@uh.edu

Membership and Elections

The Membership and Elections Committee is responsible for reviewing the apportionment of representation among the University's Divisions, for making recommendations to fill vacancies, and for overseeing and conducting the annual campus-wide Staff Council Elections.

See the Staff Council Elections page for further information.


Shatleh, Sawsan 713-743-2054 sshatleh@optometry.uh.edu
Winters, Tonya 713-743-5683 twinters@central.uh.edu

Staff Affairs

The Staff Affairs Committee is responsible for identifying and analyzing all issues affecting the University of Houston’s staff at all levels.  The committee formulates and presents recommendations to Staff Council to represent the staff perspective and advocate for staff interests with UH executive leadership.

The scope of this committee’s work includes but is not limited to:  employee benefits, staff professional development, parking & transportation, and campus safety.

Specific activities include:

  • Organizing and hosting periodic public meetings with the UH President at which university issues are presented and discussed;
  • Publicizing, promoting and managing the Staff Council Scholarship Program in coordination with the Commission on Women that annually awards scholarships to employees attending degree or job-related academic credit classes at the UH main campus;
  • Conducting employee opinion surveys and periodic issue-specific surveys, to identify areas of current and ongoing concern to staff and communicate them to UH executive leadership;
  • Coordinating morale-boosting programs, such as Cougar Cudos and the quarterly staff socials such as Spring into Spring Break, Slide Through Summer, Fall into Fall, and Wander into Winter.


Castillo, Matthew 713-743-1513 mcastillo10@uh.edu
Wells, Alison 832-842-6183 avwells@uh.edu

ad hoc Committees

Program Manager Mentors

Myers, Elsie 713-743-6014 emyers@uh.edu
Szwarc, Rebecca 713-743-6030 rszwarc@uh.edu

Research Advisory

Myers, Elsie 713-743-6014 emyers@uh.edu

Professional Development

Chee, Jacqueline 713-743-8725 jchee@uh.edu
Szwarc, Rebecca 713-743-6030 rszwarc@uh.edu


The mission of the University System Staff Executive Council (USSEC) is to support the University of Houston System (UHS) mission by recognizing staff as an integral part of UHS, promote UHS staff issues through a positive and meaningful exchange of ideas, provide a positive collaboration between campuses concerning staff issues, and support the need for system wide staff development.

Staff Council has four representatives on USSEC, including the President, the President-Elect, and two members elected by Staff Council.


Hayes, Martha 713-743-0327 mshayes@uh.edu
Myers, Elsie 713-743-6014 emyers@uh.edu