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Cougar First Impressions Committees

There are five standing committees that help make Cougar First Impressions successful:

  • Budget/Fundraising
  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Supplies/Maintenance
  • Volunteers/Staffing
  • Banquet/Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon


The Budget/Fundraising Committee is responsible for following-up with divisions, colleges and departments to generate donations to cover expenses for the event. This committee works closely with the Staff Council Program Coordinator and Treasurer on the status of the event budget. They also provide the final list of sponsors for the printing of the T-shirts and materials.


The Marketing/Publicity Committee makes sure that the event is well-publicized. They coordinate advertising in Transitions magazine and the Daily Cougar, giveaways, T-shirt design, printing of banners, creation and posting of flyers around campus, posting of up-to-date information on the Staff Council website, information distribution on the listserv and to UH Today/UHCN News, and coordinate with UH Marketing on possible ads on radio stations.


The Supplies/Maintenance Committee handles all the logisitics of the two-day event. Specifically, they are responsible for reserving an area for Home Base; making arrangements for tents, tables, chairs, trash cans, AC/generator, ice buckets, radios and golf carts; making sure there are no sprinklers; and making arrangements for extra trash pick-up at table locations. This committee also coordinates the materials for the tables (supply boxes) and makes arrangements for departments to drop off their program materials to be included. They also produce the volunteer binders that contains important information for the volunteers to use as a resource.


The Volunteers/Staffing Committee has the important function of getting the 400+ staff members to volunteer to cover two-days worth of shifts at each table location. They coordinate the creation and distribution of the Volunteer Forms, schedule volunteers for specific days/times, order t-shirts for each volunteer, coordinate the Volunteer Training session(s) -- including setting the date/time/location/refreshments for the training, and maintains the database of volunteers (also providing regular updates to the website and for the table sign-in sheets). During the event, the committee coordinates that no-shows to tables are filled.

Banquet/Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

The Banquet Committee arranges all details for this post-event luncheon, including arranging the date/time/location, catering, set-up, invitations, and distribution of invitations to volunteers during CFI.