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Policies & Procedures

General University & College Policies and Procedures



Emergency Communication

College By-Laws (.pdf)

College Building Policies (.pdf)

Campus Safety (.pdf)

Environmental Safety & Emergency Management (.pdf)

Campus Health & Wellness Resources (.pdf)

UH Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

Faculty Policies and Procedures

University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines (.pdf)

College Promotion & Tenure (Tenure Track) Guidelines (.pdf)

College Clinical/Non-tenure Track Faculty Promotion Guidelines  (.pdf)

Student Organization and Faculty Advisor Handbook (.pdf)

Student Policies & Procedures

All Students

FERPA Release Form (.pdf)

Student Use of Official UH-UHCOP Logo and Name (.pdf) 

Degree Program Policies


Pharmacy Professional Program (Pharm.D.)

Ph.D. Graduate Programs (PHOP and PPS)

PhD-Handbook-College-of-Pharmacy_8-15-16 (.pdf)

AppendixA-RA_Responsibilities (.pdf)
AppendixB-TA_Responsibilities (.pdf)
AppendixC-GTF-Policy (.pdf)
AppendixD-Dissertation-Committee-Meeting-Progress-Report (.pdf)
AppendixE-Dissertation-Title-Page-Template (MS Word doc)
AppendixF-Completion-of-Dissertation (.pdf)
AppendixG-UH-COP-Graduate-Student-Grievance-Procedures (.pdf)
AppendixH-UH-COP-Academic-Honesty (.pdf)

Additional PPS Ph.D. Policies

Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics Graduate Program (Ph.D.)

Appointment of Dissertation Committee (.pdf)

Appointment of Major Advisor (.pdf)

Completion of Written Qualifier (.pdf)

Proposal Approval Form (.pdf)

Studen Rotation Report (.pdf)

Faculty Rotation Report template (Word .docx)

Additional PHOP Ph.D. Policies

Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy Graduate Program (Ph.D.)

M.S./PGY1-PGY2 Pharmacy Leadership & Administration 

Pharmacy Leadership and Administration Graduate Program (M.S.)

Student Organizations

Pharm.D. Student Organization and Faculty Advisor Handbook (.pdf)

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

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