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Policies & Procedures

General University & College Policies and Procedures



Emergency Communication

College By-Laws (.pdf)

College Building Policies (.pdf)

Campus Safety (.pdf)

Environmental Safety & Emergency Management (.pdf)

Campus Health & Wellness Resources (.pdf)

UH Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

Faculty Policies and Procedures

University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines (.pdf)

College Promotion & Tenure (Tenure Track) Guidelines (.pdf)

College Clinical/Non-tenure Track Faculty Promotion Guidelines  (.pdf)

Student Organization and Faculty Advisor Handbook (.pdf)

Student Policies & Procedures

All Students

FERPA Release Form (.pdf)

Student Use of Official UH-UHCOP Logo and Name (.pdf) 

Degree Program Policies


Pharmacy Professional Program (Pharm.D.)

Ph.D. Graduate Programs (PHOP and PPS)

PhD-Handbook-College-of-Pharmacy_8-15-16 (.pdf)

AppendixA-RA_Responsibilities (.pdf)
AppendixB-TA_Responsibilities (.pdf)
AppendixC-GTF-Policy (.pdf)
AppendixD-Dissertation-Committee-Meeting-Progress-Report (.pdf)
AppendixE-Dissertation-Title-Page-Template (MS Word doc)
AppendixF-Completion-of-Dissertation (.pdf)
AppendixG-UH-COP-Graduate-Student-Grievance-Procedures (.pdf)
AppendixH-UH-COP-Academic-Honesty (.pdf)

Additional PPS Ph.D. Policies

Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics Graduate Program (Ph.D.)

Additional PHOP Ph.D. Policies

Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy Graduate Program (Ph.D.)

M.S./PGY1-PGY2 Pharmacy Leadership & Administration 

Pharmacy Leadership and Administration Graduate Program (M.S.)

Student Organizations

Pharm.D. Student Organization and Faculty Advisor Handbook (.pdf)

UHCOP Main Campus Parking Policy (.pdf)

Map & Parking Guide for UHCOP Main Campus (.pdf)

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