Sponsored Account

A sponsored account provides non-UH-affiliated persons, departments and organizations access to UH resources to support instructional, research or administrative activities.

Applicants may be:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students (Student Organization accounts only)
  • Campus Guests* (Non-UH affiliated contractors, vendors, consultants, researchers, volunteers, temporary workers and future employees)

To request a sponsored account, select the appropriate form below. Submit your completed form with appropriate signatures by:

Sponsored Account Forms

Use the form that best describes the use for your sponsored account.
Departmental/Organizational Account
Personal Account
Student Organization Account

*Sponsored Account for a Campus Guest

If the sponsored account applicant is a guest of UH, the sponsor must fill out and submit a Person of Interest (POI) form in PeopleSoft. The POI process establishes the relationship between the Guest User and the University of Houston. All POI users will have a PeopleSoft ID number. We have provided instructions and further information on completing the Person of Interest (POI) form. Eligible types of POIs are described in this chart.

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