Sponsored Account Procedure

All Sponsorships will require a PeopleSoft or My.UH.edu ID (PSID) number before we can process the application.

The Persons of Interest (POI) process in PeopleSoft was developed to generate a PSID for non-UH people. This is a common interest and goal for various departments on campus, so that we have ample information to verify who is using our campus resources. Participating department systems will receive the POI information automatically. To see a list of the participating departments and the types of POI's available, please view the HRMS ePOI documention for more information.

This process is not designed for incoming new faculty and staff.

If an incoming staff member is in PeopleSoft with a PSID, but is not found in the servicing department's system (i.e., Parking, University Information Technology, Cougar Card), that new staff member should check with Human Resources (HR) to make sure all their paperwork is in order.

If an incoming faculty member is in PeopleSoft with a PSID, but is not found in servicing department's system, that new faculty member should check with Faculty Affairs to make sure all their paperwork is in order.

Once the incoming faculty and staff are in PeopleSoft with accurate information, their information will be sent to the participating department's system that same evening.

If a person is already in PeopleSoft and has a PSID, BUT is not a current faculty, staff, or student, then the sponsor still needs to go to their Department Business Administrator to begin the process for POI. The POI process must occur so that participating department systems can receive the sponsor information as well as this person's information through the nightly feed. Currently, the nightly feed only consists of current faculty, staff, and students as far as Technology Services and Support's feeds are concerned.

The process for POI requires the following two steps for sponsorship.

Step 1

The sponsor will apply for sponsorship with their college or department business office. The college or department business administrator will fill out the POI form in PeopleSoft based on the information collected from the non-UH applicant or former UH person (who may already have a PSID).

The following information is required for the POI form:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Unique Identifier
    Driver License Country, State and Number
    Visa/Permit Type and Number
  5. Security Access Type
    009 Person of Interest
  6. POI Type
    Select from list that best describes the applicant
  7. POI Effective Date
  8. Planned Exit Date (Date sponsorship should end)
  9. EmplID of UH sponsor
  10. Applicant Home address
  11. Applicant Phone Number and Type (home, cell, work, camp)
  12. Applicant email address

Once the POI form is completed, HR will process it so that a PSID can be generated. Once the PSID is generated, it will come through to the Remedy feed. (Estimated turnaround by HR is one day.)

Step 2

Complete the Sponsored Personal Account Application for individual accounts. This form has been revised to exclude the sponsor information because the sponsor information is included in the POI form which will also come to Remedy.

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