Computer Account Best Practices

University Information Technology (UIT) periodically reviews CougarNet, Exchange, UH Central Web server, ECC UNIX and VNet accounts for active use and access by current faculty, staff and students. If an account appears inactive or unused, an email message is sent to the user's UH email alias, provided the alias points to a valid destination email address. Accounts typically disabled belong to inactive persons or are accounts defined as "stale."

Note on email aliases: Email aliases are not always involved in the disable process. Any student who has completed at least one class at UH is entitled to keep their alias as long as they maintain the alias with a valid destination address. Faculty and staff are also eligible to keep their alias as long as they maintain the alias with a valid destination address.

UH email aliases and destination addresses

An explanation of email aliases and how to update their destination addresses is available at Watch our walkthrough video on updating destination email addresses in myUH (PeopleSoft).

Inactive persons

A user is considered inactive if they are no longer affiliated with the University of Houston.
  • Faculty: Faculty members may continue to use their accounts for up to one year after ending their teaching assignment. Learn how to retain an account after receiving notice of an account being disabled.
  • Staff: Accounts belonging to staff no longer employed at UH will be disabled. Please contact the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 to inform of recently changed jobs or a leave of absence.
  • Graduate students: Computer accounts are disabled for graduate students not actively attending classes. Learn how to retain an account after receiving notice of an account being disabled.
  • Undergraduate students: If you are not registered for classes for three (3) consecutive semesters--including the current semester--your account will be disabled.
  • Department/Organization/Student organization: If the owner of a departmental/organization/student organization account is no longer affiliated with UH, a new owner must be named with the Change of Ownership (PDF) form.

How to retain a faculty or graduate student account

Users no longer qualified to keep an account will receive an email notice that their account has been disabled. The email indicates a 30-day grace period in which the user can retain their account. To do so, follow the steps below:
  1. Complete a Persons of Interest form via your department Business Office (faculty) or faculty advisor (graduate students). Please see information on sponsored accounts for further information or visit the Human Resources website.
  2. Complete a Personal Sponsored Account application.
Sponsored accounts for graduate students stay active for one year or until status as a student has been re-established.

Stale Accounts

Accounts not accessed in the last 180 days are designated "stale," and an email is sent to the account owner indicating that their account will be disabled. If the account has been used before, but has not been used for 180 consecutive days, the account owner will receive a message indicating the action to take to retain the account. To retain the account and prevent it from being disabled, simply log in to the account within the 30 day grace period as indicated in the email message. No further action needs to be taken.

If a new account created over 180 days ago has never been logged into since its creation, it will be disabled without notification.

If the account password is forgotten or unknown, call the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 to reset the password or access the online password reset website.

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