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Access to myUH CS System
The Access to myUH student system. Application is to be filled out if you need to gain access to the SFS module.
Hazlewood Exemptions
Third Party Contract
Below is the Third Party Agreement Form and a list of additional information needed from the sponsor.
Request for Record of Credit Hours
The Request for Record of Credit Hours Taken Under the Hazlewood Exemption for Texas Veterans is an application to monitor how many hours were used under the Hazlewood Exemption regardless of what college you attended.
Request for Tuition Rebate
Request for Undergraduate Tuition Rebate Form is an application for those undergraduate students, who have attempted no more than 3 hours in excess of their minimum required to complete their degree, the State of Texas has created this tuition rebate.
  1. updated MAPP - the policy itself
  2. updated student checklist (link is at the bottom of the MAPP)
  3. updated student Tuition Rebate Request (form link at bottom of MAPP)
Tuition Waiver
The Tuition Waiver Form allows a student to pay their bill as resident status.