Costs & Financial Aid

Concerned about paying for your education at the University of Houston? Think of it as an investment in your future. Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student, a UH education will pay for itself many times over in higher earnings and expanded opportunities throughout your life.

What’s more, we award a wide range of scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid to graduate and undergraduates students alike. With our generous financial assistance packages, some UH students find that their actual cost is lower than they had originally expected. We invite you to explore the financial information provided here. We look forward to helping you invest in your future!

Updates for April and May 2015

  • Fall 2015 awarding will start in mid-April based on your FAFSA and UH Scholarships. Many students will need to complete items listed on their To-Do List in myUH in order to determine complete eligibility. Please be sure to keep your email address current in your myUH self-service account so that you receive award notifications and additional information requests in a timely fashion! Please visit our award determination and maintaining eligibility websites.
  • Summer 2015 enrollment is now open. Some students may qualify for federal aid eligibility if the full-time eligibility was not used during the past fall and spring terms. Summer school awarding will start in mid-April and will be based on your enrollment, so please look for an award notification email. Summer aid will not disburse until the first week of classes or later. Please visit our Summer Aid page for more information about awarding.
  • The deadline to accept Spring 2015 federal loans for current students is May 1, 2015. Many students choose to use their loan refund to pay for summer classes.
  • Enrollment requirements for your awards may have changed. Please visit the grants section to review the requirements for disbursement. If you will not be enrolled as a full-time student, your award disbursements may be delayed to adjust any potential over award of financial aid.

For more information on the disbursement process, please visit our Financial Aid FAQ page.