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Policies and Procedures

The College of Education adheres to and implements the university’s MAPP Policy/Procurement System.  The college’s policies and procedures provide a general overview of administrative and operational information for all college employees to ensure compliance with Federal, State of Texas, Board of Regents, and University of Houston System laws and regulations, and to standards of good business and management practice.  

These university and college policies can be found at the following websites:

These policies and procedures do not constitute an employment contract or an offer to contract with any employee. Nothing in the college’s policies and procedures changes the “at will status” of any employee, or creates any additional rights, remedies, at law, or expectations of continued employment. The College of Education reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or abandon any policy or procedures at any time.

These college policies and procedures are applicable to all staff employees, including full-time, part-time, temporary, exempt, non-exempt, regular, and non-regular staff employees.

Information for staff members can be found on the UH Human Resources website which deatails additional internal policy and procedures for managing the human resource functions of the college.

These college policies and procedures do not replace the more detailed and comprehensive university manuals such as:

In the event of any conflict between information in the college’s policy and procedures and information in the SAM and MAPP, the SAM or MAPP will control; however, the college’s policy and procedures may contain a greater degree of restrictions as needed to maintain fiscal responsibility, management, control and oversight of business and administrative processes to ensure high standards of ethical business practices.