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Faculty Policies

  • Promotion and Tenure - information on the Promotion and Tenure process at the University of Houston as well as links to the promotion and tenure processes by college.
  • Post Tenure Review Faculty Policy - Annual faculty workload and faculty performance expectations at the University of Houston are set by the academic department and/or college under guidelines contained in the University of Houston Faculty Workload Policy (MAPP 12.05.01) and the UH Faculty Annual Performance Review (F-APR) Policy.
  • Faculty Annual Performance Review - Faculty members not only deserve but should expect an open, fair, and transparent annual performance review process that, in turn, will be used to inform and guide decisions on how they should be rewarded. This policy provides a general framework applicable to all academic departments at the University of Houston.
  • Academic Honesty Policy - The University of Houston Academic Honesty Policy is posted online in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog and appears in each edition of the Student Handbook. The FAQs are intended to clarify Academic Honesty processes, not to substitute for the complete policy. It is each faculty member's responsibility to be aware of the Academic Honesty Policy. For additional information about the rationale and importance of the policy please see the " About the UH Academic Honesty Policy" information on this site.

Additional Policies