Women's, Gender &
Sexuality Studies

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About Us

The Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program offers two undergraduate minors and a graduate certificate. Ours is an interdisciplinary program combining empirical study and theoretical frameworks to look critically at the gender dynamics of the past and present and to open discussion about shaping the world of the future. Our courses explore gender dynamics as they intersect with race, class and sexuality, within the US and internationally. WGSS students come from all disciplines. The program draws on faculty from across the university to teach & to develop and participate in programming. The program has a strong community arm in the Friends of Women's Studies.


Since the early 1970s, teaching and research in Women's Studies has grown rapidly in the U.S. There are Programs and Departments focused on women's and gender studies in most US colleges and universities. The field is also well represented internationally. Women's Studies at the University of Houston was established in 1991. The Friends of Women's Studies formed in 1993, and the Carey C. Shuart Women's Archive and Research Center opened in 1996. The program added a GLBT minor in 2007, and changed our name to reflect our expanded focus.