Table Talk

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Thursday, March 24, 2016
at the Hilton Americas, Houston
Co-chairs: Libby Cheney and Sannam Warrender
11:00am  Reception | 12 noon to 1:30pm  Conversations over Lunch

cheney libbywarrender 

Converse. Share. Learn.

Table Talk is a fascinating combination of conversations over lunch, led by dynamic women of various cultures, professions and experience at each table. Table Talk benefits the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program and the Carey C. Shuart Women's Archive and Research Collection at the University of Houston.

The Shuart Women's Archive collects, preserves and shares the stories of women's contributions to Texas and Houston. The WGSS Program combines theoretical and empirical studies, to give students the tools to analyze gender dynamics of the past and present to build a fair future.

Host Committee:

Ginger Arwadi, Susan Bickley, Annette Bracey, Shannon Buggs, Sarah Cooper, Cheryl Creuzot, Allyson Cunius, Pam Darwin, Haydeh Davoudi, Carolyn Dorros, Melissa Edwards, Joan Eischen, Caroline Fant, Meghan Finegan, Andi Georgsson, Val Gibbs, Patti Gil, Eleanor Gilbane, Luvi Gonzalez, Melanie Gray, Saundria Gray, Kate Gross, MaryScott Hagle, Ashley Hanna, Harriet Hart, Pauline Higgins, Christine Hoffer, Leisa Holland-Nelson, Ana Lee Jacobs, Jane Jones, Janeen Judah, Chinhui Juhn, Talia Kallop, Mandy Kao, Lorena Karpen, Nicole Katz, Allison Leach, Sultana Mangalji, Lynn Mathre, Fatima Mawji, Sharon Michael Owens, Terry Morales, Lauren Morgan, Colette Nicolau, Cathy Nunnally, Sue Payne, Beverly Robinson, Rebecca Rush, Yava Scott, Kelly Silvers, Celina Stabell, Joanna Strachan, Rachael Volz