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Grad School at UH

How our students describe the program:

Here’s what our students had to say when they were asked to describe the opportunities and culture of our program:

Word Cloud - What our students say about the program

Student Testimonials:

Research & Applied Opportunities

“One of my favorite opportunities was developing a training program for a position for which they were hiring. I was part of a group that was able to interview subject matter experts and present a report of our findings to the top management for that department.”

“I have had so many exciting work experiences in this program. One of my favorite experiences has been working with companies in the oil and gas industry to develop training programs and career development program assessments.”

Career Opportunities

“My favorite part is being allowed to develop my own career path based on my own interests. I love how our professors help to cultivate my ideas with their various, specialized expertise.”

Learning Opportunities

“My favorite part of being in the program is the opportunity to apply what we are learning in the classroom to organizations and the chance to network with potential collaborators in the corporate realm.”

“This program succeeds at providing top notch statistical education.”

“I came into this program wanting high quality and advanced statistical training. I got that and so much more. I am very pleased with the opportunities I’ve received with learning quantitative methods and design. Our program also has a very close relationship with TIMES (Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics), so we have access to many resources that aren’t found in many programs.”

Program Culture:

“This program is different than others in several ways. First and foremost, the people that make up this program are sincerely dedicated about your development as a student, professional, and person. At this program, it is not uncommon for professors or peers to go out of their way to help you with anything from a random chore, such as getting a ride to the airport, to help reviewing a piece of your writing. Second, the flexibility with regards to research, courses, and advising is second to none. This makes it easy to research what interests you, take courses for your particular career objectives, and find the advisor that provides the ideal fit. In a sense, this program provides the highest level of education which can also be personalized. The hybrid model of the I/O Psychology program at UH is something special making the students overall more satisfied and ready for their careers after graduation.”

“There is a strong culture in this program characterized by authenticity, diversity, and meaningful knowledge. Collaborating with fellow students has shown that this culture is endemic and provides for an ideal learning and working environment. It is simple to begin working with others at this program due to the unwritten “open door” policy almost all the students abide by.”

Working with Faculty & Students:

“I love that there’s flexibility in who you can work with. This seems to be the biggest advantage compared to other programs I have seen. Also, our faculty seem very open to students going either academic or applied without judgment.”

“The program is very collaborative in terms of faculty and students you can work with. It feels fantastic to not have stress from a competitive work environment.”

“Our program succeeds at offering a blend of applied and academic experiences within a wide range of topic areas.”

“We have excellent, and very diverse, faculty who are willing to work with any student who expresses interest in their lab. We also have access to many large companies who reside in our back yard.”

“All of the students I have worked with in the program have been nothing but helpful. There is an atmosphere of camaraderie and support among students at all levels of the program. I have made some lifelong friends from this program.”

“The other students are very helpful. They are very good at giving tips for success in the program. They also give younger students chances to work with them on projects and papers so that the new students can get their feet wet early.”

“I like our faculty – they are funny and open to collaboration. They are excellent mentors and receptive to any questions about going forward in the I/O field.”

“Our faculty pride themselves on making graduate students a priority. Professors are always willing to help students (even on holiday weekends!) and ensure their students’ success beyond graduation.”

“Students in this program are always willing to help one another and genuinely enjoy working with one another. Camaraderie is major part of our organizational culture.”

“The other students in the program are real lifesavers. Graduate school is tough and we have a great social network here. It was very easy to make new friends. The really great part about UH is that the people here know the difference between work and play. We all hang out and have a good time, but we also make sure we take care of our academics. Reminders and holding each other accountable are pretty common practices.”

“I like that we can work with different faculty members. Most programs only allow you to work with one faculty member. I’m currently working with multiple faculty members, one of which is outside of the psychology department. There are also the applied opportunities. Working with different organizations has been invaluable. It’s a great introduction to how the applied side of I/O works.”

Program’s Reputation:

“I know this is one of the top programs in the world and I feel a great sense of pride knowing that I am a part of it.”

‘UH was my number one choice during the application process. I have been very pleased with the IO program. We actually have a great psychology department as a whole. The IO faculty challenges us, but they are more than fair and treat us with a great deal of respect. The expectations are high and the criticism is highly constructive.”

“I feel proud that I’m learning from some of the most well-established and successful faculty in the field.”