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Kosten Lab Members and Collaborators


Therese A. Kosten, Ph.D., Professor and PI

Colin N. Haile, M.D., Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor

Odochi Ohia-Nwoko, Ph.D., post-doctoral associate

Steven J. Nieto, Graduate Student

Shadab Forouzan, Graduate Student

Cana Quave, Undergraduate assistant

Sergio Sanchez, Undergraduate assistant

Mark Harding, Voluteer research assistant

Kevin Winoske, Senior Laboratory Manager


David A. Nielsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry Department, Baylor College of Medicine

Richard A. Meisch, M.D. Ph.D., Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston;
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Houston