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Why should I major in Philosophy?
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The mission of the UH Philosophy department includes the education of both MA students and undergraduate majors, and many undergraduates take courses in our department to satisfy the University's core requirements.

Fall 2018 course descriptions can now be found here

UH Grad Student Publishes with Faculty

UH M.A. Keyao Yang has recently published a paper in the journal Biology & Philosophy with Assistant Professor Cameron Buckner.  Charles Darwin's "musical protolanguage" hypothesis--one of the most popular theories about the evolution of language--argued that  analyses of birdsong show that sexual selection for structured complexity in song-like mating calls might have led to the evolution of grammar in our ancestors.  In their paper, Buckner & Yang argue that the elaborate mating dances of manakin birds might similarly support an alternative non-vocal, dance-based hypothesis about the origin of grammar.  Congratulations, Yang, on your first publication! (Photo credits)

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Department welcomes new faculty

We are delighted to announce two newly-hired Assistant Professors, Dr. Yael Loewenstein (Ph.D. University of Arizona) and Dr. Luis R.G. Oliveira (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst), both of whom joined the department in Fall 2017! Dr. Loewenstein works in the areas of Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language, and Dr. Oliveira works in the areas of Epistemology, Ethics, Metaethics, and Philosophy of Religion.  You can learn more about their specific interests and activities at their websites, linked from the main faculty page.

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